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Advertising & Marketing New Ideas for Tourism in Business

Updated on August 28, 2017

Advertising Ideas

Are you looking for marketing ideas for your tourism business to increase your turnover as well as build your customer base ?

Would you like us to help you promote your tourism business to travelers ?

Would you like your tourism business promoted in my book that will be heavily promoted worldwide as well as on many social networks ?

If this doesn't appeal to you then here are some different ideas for marketing your tourism business if you are stuck for new Ideas when it comes to advertising ?If you would like to come up with some thing else rather than advertise on TV , the radio or the newspaper ?

Are you looking for local , National or international marketing for your business and would you like help with innovative new ideas for tourism

Do you want a really creative idea that will WOW everyone or are you looking for something more down to earth .

Have a good think about the people you are trying to attract & where these potential customers spend their time during the week so as to work out where to advertise your business.

Great for local promotion

these always attract attention !
these always attract attention !

Sailing holidays Greece

Use photos to promote your business
Use photos to promote your business

Local Advertising

Where do the locals & visitors to your town hang out ? Lets think about this !

We just had a week back East for a funeral & stayed in a caravan park where there are a lot of brochures from local tourism businesses.

During the week we visited coffee shops , did a canoe ride on the lake , bought fish n chips , Chinese and had a smorgasbord & drinks at the bowling club twice.I must say it is still the best smorgasbord we have been to worldwide !

At the bowling club there are drink mats with advertising on them , the glasses could have advertising on them .

Fish n chip boxes could have a promotion on top or a poster on their wall for while we are waiting for our meal.

Do you have a building with a lift /elevator ? We all stand looking at the door so we would read a well placed advert there.

On the back of toilet doors as you have a captive audience there ! In fact that is one place ads are popping up now!

Contact your local transit company for information on bench, bus and shelter advertising possibilities as people spend time waiting every day at the bus stop.

At the movies onscreen is a place businesses often advertise

On pub windows if it is relevant .

A lot of people are exercising at the local gym /

Using a Internet cafe where they often have notice boards available for advertising.

Being seen having involvement with your community is more than good PR; it’s also very effective small business advertising. So choose a charitable event or community association to get involved with and let yourself be seen as a business that cares.

Using huge funny inflatables can be an efficient way to attract the attention of all kinds of people. Use cartoon or animal characters with funny approach of the product towards the potential consumers. Make sure that the inflatables are giant and massive so that no one misses to grab a sight of them. If you can make them relevant to y our business, great! But usually companies who advertise using inflatables never really make them business oriented. Just letting people know you are there all the time, bringing smiles on their faces, is enough for them to eventually purchase your product, most of the times.

Network from a Bowl

Find a place where a lot of people go & arrange a meeting with the business owner . Let him know about your business & the prize you are offering as well as the benefits for his business .

Not everyone has a business card. Design your own entry form. Sam's Club has boxes of blank business cards that are ideal to use. Or cut some index cards. The form should include a line requesting the entrant's name, address, phone number and e-mail address

For the price of a gift certificate to their establishment, you'll receive a bowl full of business/personal cards from people you've established are your ideal clients.

build a relationship with a business owner who attracts your ideal clients.

tell your ideal clients about your services.

advertise your business by sponsoring the contest.

advertise the same contest in your store for added benefits!

the list goes on!!!

Send a letter of introduction to each person and do some permission marketing. Things you might mention in your correspondence are:

the name of the winner, and the city they reside in how your service can benefit them with a short description of your service

as much contact information as possible - phone number, address, email, web site

any free services you offer

ask them to subscribe to your newsletter on or off line

include a consolation prize like a pen with your name on it, discount certificate to your services on a postcard, etc.

Share your Restaurant on Dine2Find

National Advertising

If you are in Australia we are offering advertising space on our caravan for anyone involved in camping, 4 wheel driving , tyre companies etc !

there are social networking opportunities such as face book, twitter and other sites to use .

Check out newsletters for you to promote your business in.

Utilize YouTube with your own video.

This might not be possible for all businesses, but holding seminars and workshops or giving lectures on one's product is a very effective way to advertise for it. Similarly, using other subtle methods like giving lectures at a college about the business, helps a lot and you can put a video of the seminar up for sale .

Have a reporter do a story on your workshop . Offer a free spot as part of a competition as advertising.

Promote your restaurant

  This is one of the most successful and fun restaurant  ideas. You can set up cooking and eating contests and allow food enthusiasts to participate. Keep awards such as the fastest eater, best cook, etc. Such contests normally attract the attention of the media, which can prove to be beneficial for your restaurant's publicity.

 You also have a suitable option of distributing discount coupons  in magazines, newspapers, and weekly local brochures. With offering discounts, more people will tend to come to your restaurant. Simply render the best services as a

On  the opening day of your restaurant business, you can offer food for free to people in your neighborhood. On such occasions, there are even chances of people from nearby towns visiting your restaurant.

 A great idea for restaurantsis  to offer membership services to customers. Inform customers about the attractive services included in the membership; such as family discounts, free home delivery, and similar others.

In the initial one week of your restaurant startup; you can hire a car, set advertising banners on it, and get the car driven in the streets. This advertising is proven to be useful for many businesses.


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    • tanveerbadyari profile image

      tanveerbadyari 5 years ago

      good hub i think online promotion & social media is the best way to promote tourism business

    • freecampingaussie profile image

      freecampingaussie 5 years ago from Southern Spain

      Please leave comments here if you have found this hub on new tourism ideas . Thank you.