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The 25 BEST Free Job Sites and Search Engines

Updated on February 18, 2017

Job Sites and Search Engines Helpful?

Were you able to get an interview when using this list to send out to 30-50 job posts per day?

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Job Sites and Search Engines

We have all been there - interviewing, job hunting, "pounding the pavement", etc. Its not the easiest or most enjoyable task, but everyone has to do it at some point in time. I recommend that you don't see the glass half empty. There are many job seekers who are not even receiving interviews at all, but you ARE. Count your blessing as they say.

It definitely rough out there. As if a staggering economy isn't difficult enough. Many people are having a difficult time finding search sites that are beneficial in their job hunt. With a growing number of fraud and scams out there for employment seekers, regular access to powerful and reliable job posting sites and employment boards is essential.

Here you will find a list of 25 quality and helpful website links to job sites and search engines that will simplify your job search. Just click on the link provided to immediately connect with the site.

I hope this list of job search sites is helpful. Job seekers should send out to at least 30 - 50 job contacts per day. (Yes, every day including weekends. This works!) If an email is not provided in the job post, I recommend searching ( for contact personnel online. You can also mail, fax or drop off your resume or curriculum vitae. It is imperative to reach out employers, since employers will not reach out to you. Also, feel free to contact individuals within your network to inquire of job opportunities. If you don't have a network as yet, start a free account on or to start connecting today. If you are still not contacted, consider sitting with a resume consultant to review your resume thoroughly. This list will be regularly updated in the future.

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Happy Hunting!


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