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Newsletters in an Organization

Updated on January 5, 2021
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Internal Communication Newsletters in an Organization

Employee engagement in an organization is effectively managed by Internal Communication function. Specialists in Internal Communication extensively deal with nuances of communication through internal branding to help an organization build a positive image. Employees too gain manifold by actively participating in various channels of Internal Communication and thus build trust in the organization.

Internal Communication with employees involves various strategies. Some of them include communicating with company newsletters. The company newsletters may be either print or online. The newsletters act as an effective channel to gauge an employee's perspectives towards an organization and engage them consistently. Newsletter also acts as a medium to communicate and inform about the organization and its culture. Leaders also find a niche space in newsletters and may help them to utilize the forum as a brand-building exercise.


Benefits of a Newsletter in an organisation

Newsletter has several benefits in an organization to both the employers and employees. The primary reason for a newsletter in an organization is communicating effectively through a channel with the employees. The newsletter acts as a bridge between the organization and employees and creates a unique channel to voice the opinions.

Newsletters form an effective strategy channel for the leaders to display their creativity, built image, and gain trust in an organization. Leaders can look up to newsletters as a tool to foster a culture of uniqueness amongst employees and thereby gain credibility with the employees. Newsletters thus do not interfere in the regular work process but it is a part of organization growth cycle. Newsletters act as the right channel to inform organizational objectives in a strategic manner.


How Does the Newsletter Benefit an Employee?

Employees benefit immensely from company newsletters. A newsletter is the right medium to build a positive image and thus reflect a sense of belonging towards an organization's culture. By actively involving in the newsletter, employees gain credibility, develop relationships, and build trust amongst peers and management in an organization.

The newsletter is also an opportunity to enhance skill and talent by participating in various employee engagement activities. The newsletter brings alive value developer skills in an employee which otherwise helps to retain talent and grow professionally in an organization.


Types of Newsletters

Here we discuss various types of newsletters in an organization, which forms as a key strategy for Internal Communication.

Some of the popular types of newsletters are-

  • Print Newsletter- A print newsletter is created in a print form to engage employees consistently through various topics of interest. The print newsletters may usually carry leadership talks, interviews, chat-room discussions, organizational policies, employee engagement drives, and information such as volunteering, CSR activities, and internal communication drives, etc.

    The printed newsletter effectively engages the employees by reaching out target audience in a niche manner.

  • Online Newsletter- An online newsletter may be delivered through the intranet portal. Regular newsletter updates through intranet portals will help the organization deliver seamless communication and encourage consistent engagement with the employees.

    The intranet portal as an internal communication channel helps to effectively gauge the success of the organization's goal and objectives, delivered to the audience in a timely manner.

  • Email Newsletter-Email newsletters are a quick and very effective form of a newsletter. Email newsletters usually are audience-specific and delivered in a timely manner either a monthly or quarterly basis. An email newsletter as a channel helps to disseminate the organization's objective in a seamless manner directly to the employee's inbox.

    An email newsletter as an internal communication strategy will help the organization inch closer to achieve sustainability and meet the business goals in an efficient manner.

  • Community Newsletter-- Community newsletters are created as a channel to network among peers within a community. Technology has enabled seamless networking opportunities and community newsletters offer many opportunities to exchange knowledge, share information, and thus grows in an organization.

    Professionals with niche skills can utilize the community newsletters to engage directly with peers and specialists and community newsletters thus offer itself as a channel to grow and exchange ideas.

Types of Newsletter

Types of
Print Newsletter
Online Newsletter
Email Newsletter
Community Newsletter


Newsletters are a primary source of communication with the employees shared by an organization. An organization may adopt newsletters as one of the key internal communication strategies to deliver the business goals and objectives and help ensure to keep the employees engaged effectively. Newsletters act as the right tool to disseminate key company information essential to an employee's overall professional growth and promote positive work culture in an organization.

A newsletter also acts as a key driver for an employee's growth and helps to gain creditability within an organization and amongst the peers. An employee may seek to grow creatively through various opportunities made available through newsletters by actively contributing and involving in the same. Volunteering opportunities, CSR engagements, talent connects, off-site events, online events, etc. are some of the areas where an employee can grow through an internal communication channel, which may be showcased through newsletters.

Newsletter in Your Organization

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