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Niche Laboratory - Brainstorm New Niches in Minutes!

Updated on February 12, 2014


I'm Brett, and in this Hub I'm going to show you how my Niche Laboratory tool can give you inspiration when you're starting a new website or Hubpage.

Niche Laboratory is a tool for finding topics to write about and ideas for ANY niche.

If you can't think of anything to write about at all, then don't worry - I've included an "I'm Feeling Lucky" button that will give you a new niche idea every time you click on it.
In this article, I'll show what article ideas I found when I typed "holidays in bangkok thailand" into the Niche Laboratory application.

What the Niche Laboratory Does

The Niche Laboratory examines the top search results for any keyword, and shows ideas for writing articles or building sites in the particular niche. The software shows a number of reports:

  • Keywords Report
  • Keyword Phrases Report
  • Word Cloud
  • Competing Websites
  • Niche Images
  • Niche HubPages
  • Niche Forums

Niche Laboratory makes it effortlessly easy to research niches online...
Niche Laboratory makes it effortlessly easy to research niches online...

Keyword Themes for this Niche

The Niche Laboratory finds LSI themed keywords that fit around the topic of the original keyword that is searched for. LSI (or Latent Semantic Indexing) is something that SEO experts tend to get quite excited about. Basically the idea is that if you can write about topics and include related words in the article, then search engines will rank the article higher. The theory is that an expert in a particular niche will tend to know which related words to use when writing about a particular subject.

Whether there is actually a search engine rankings boost to a page using LSI techniques is debatable. However, what's not in doubt is that if you include more keywords in your site then you'll rank for a wider range of terms.

But the biggest feature of the Niche Laboratory reports is the ability to become an instant expert in any niche. Even if you're not so familiar with a niche, you can use the tool to research what types of things you need to cover if you're starting a site or a HubPage on a particular topic.

So what did I find about holidays in Bangkok?

Here's a few keywords that I'd use as the major topic areas of a mini-niche site: flights, hotels, tours, family, markets, temples, elephant, coast, budget, cheap, beaches.

So in a travel niche site it's clear I'd have to cover how to get to Bangkok, and where to stay once you're there. In terms of article writing I'd definitely want to cover city tourist attractions like markets and temples. I'd also want to write something about escaping to the coast.

One theme that I could pick out from the report was that many travelers to Thailand are on a budget. So that's something I'd try to work into the site, and I'd maybe pick a domain like or something.

Another theme was that I spotted a lot of phrases like 3 nights or 4 days. So that gives me the idea that people wanting to go to Bangkok are interested in short city-break types of vacations, rather than longer stays.

Visitors to Bangkok might appreciate a guide to the many night markets to explore...
Visitors to Bangkok might appreciate a guide to the many night markets to explore...

Related Niche Ideas

So there's plenty of ideas for things to do in Bangkok. But what if you wanted to create an authority site and expand into related areas?

Well the Niche Laboratory report had some ideas for writing about places outside of Bangkok. The Thai cities of Chiang Mai, Hua Hin and Koh Samui were all listed in the phrases report. So these are destinations to cover in an authority site about vacationing in Bangkok, and Thailand in general.

In the keywords report I also saw these places listed: Philippines, China, Singapore, Australia and Bali. I'd definitely write some articles about these countries. People might like to know how Thailand compares to the Philippines. They might also want to know if it's better to visit Singapore or Bangkok. European travelers might also want to find out what to do on a stop-over in Bangkok while en-route to Australia.

These Chinese visitors to Bangkok are enjoying their boat trip down Bangkok's less well known waterways...
These Chinese visitors to Bangkok are enjoying their boat trip down Bangkok's less well known waterways...

Other Niche Laboratory Reports

How difficult would it be to get a site ranking well in a particular niche?

This is where the Competition Matrix report comes in. It takes the top X number of sites in a particular niche, and analyses how much SEO they've had done to them. The more SEO, the harder it could be to rank.

However, you'll probably know there's more to ranking sites that just SEO. The search engines are increasingly favouring sites popular with their readers, and that means the sites will have a big social following.

The Niche Laboratory can assist here by showing how popular the top ranking sites are with social networks.

The Image report shows images relating to the keyword. This is a good place to spot potential niche ideas. In the images relating to Bangkok holidays I saw rivers, beaches, temples and a whole load of palm trees. So if I was starting a site in this niche I'd definitely want to load my own site with similar photos. Plus I'd cover boat trips and maybe find a few temples that not many tourists know about.

The HubPages report shows Hubs relating to the keyword. Hubs don't rank as well in Google as they once did, but it's still a good place to try out a new niche.

The Niche Laboratory also shows Forums relating to the keyword, courtesy of the forum directory FindAForum.Net. Forums still rank well, and they're very lucrative if you can take the time to build one and develop a loyal following of posters. Failing that, it's worth joining one or two forums related to your niche and using them to promote your own site.

There are of course already plenty of forums in this particular niche. Thailand's been written about a heck of a lot online. But has every single angle been covered? One forum in the report caught my eye - a forum about clubbing holidays. There's a big club scene in Bangkok, so maybe a micro-niche site about the best clubs and bars in Bangkok would be worth pursuing. could be a decent little site worth setting up!

So as you can see there are plenty of ideas here for starting a site in the Bangkok travel niche. If you want to set up your own niche site, or you'd like a tool to help you research and brainstorm niches, then check out today.

Are Niche Sites Still Worth Building? Leave Your Comments Below...

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