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Online Shopping Faq

Updated on May 2, 2016

How safe is online shopping ?

Online shopping is extremely safe and today's consumers are seeing great value in it. Reputed shopping websites offer lots of benefits, such as the convenience of shopping from home, more choice, and easier comparison of prices. Apart from that, online shopping sites also take security measures to protect your financial data. Most credit and debit cards issued in India are required to be verified by Visa (VBV) / MasterCard Secure Code (MSC) for all online payments.

What is the reason that online shopping is so cheap as compared to offline shopping of the same quality ?

You may come across products sold online that are discounted. This is possible because online shopping saves sellers's costs of infrastructure, stocking goods, manual labour, etc, which gives them an opportunity to pass these benefits on to buyers through various forms such as price discounted, free shipping, free add on accessories, etc.

Many people sell products of different brands, so what is the guarantee that they are real products and not fraudulent ?

Reputed online shopping portals take steps to ensure that all products sold on their websites are genuine. These portals have proper processes in place and use specialized programs to check all listings and flag those with potential risks. They ensure that these flagged listings are then checked by a highly trained team and are posted on the site only if the quality is approved. Apart from this, a thorough check on the seller's credentials is done before they commence selling. In order to protect customer in case they are exposed to any fraud, reputed websites have purchases protection program in place. Under these, buyers can receive a replacement or refund if the product they purchased is not genuine or is damaged.

Is it advisable to buy gold or other valuable gems like diamonds online ?

Definitely, you can buy gold and diamonds on reputed websites. Sellers who offer a certificate of authenticity along with the product would assure you of the quality of your purchase.

What precautions one should take before shopping online ?

As one would buy in the offline world from a known or established outlet, a similar approach should be taken while shopping online by selecting a known or a reputed shopping site. Also when you sign in or proceed for payment, do make sure the browser shows this is a secure website ( where 'S' indicates a secured website. Additionally, ensure that you don't share your password with others.


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