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Importance and Objectives of Production Planning and Controls.

Updated on August 23, 2014

Production Planning

The aim of production planning is to implement the production policy of the organisation effectively.

Factors for the success of production planing is :-

1. Production planning shows a suitable production policy. The most obvious policy would be record what is required when it is required etc.

2, It should be realistic and based upon the facts and production administration.should logically include stock control in order. For example it should be able to ascertain the availability of materials.

3.Its result in a careful analysis of the facts so that production schedules, machine loading schedule ,labour schedules etc do not conflict with sales fore casts or Invalue delivery dates which are expressively optimistic.

5. It explains the labour force through a series of targets so that they have some conception of objectives.

6.It should be for both short-term and long-term considerations in order to obtain a balance between departments.

7.It should be flexible so that inevitable delays can be offset.

8.lastly it should be sensitive to the state of demand for the company's products of evinced by the order books.


Production Control

It is closely related to the production planing and in all production plans control forms in place in order to see that target and achieved.Following are the General production on controls used in large organisations.

1. Progress Control which is the control of production programmes and schedules to order to ensure that planned output is attained

2. Cost Control is the Control pf a whole series and gets including such aspects as material cost control and labour cost control in order to ensure that the original budget for costs of production is observed.

3. Quality control. which is the control of the quality of standard 0f the product. This is closely allied to and indeed will often be the responsibility of the inspection department.

4. Machine utilisation control is the control of machine loading in order to ensure that the 'load is related' to machine capacity.

5. Stock control is the control of stocks and stores and it ensures that. supplies are available as required and that the availability will not. therefore, interrupt production schedules.

6. Computer control is the control of some operation which is entirely automatic.

Objectives of Production Planning and Control

a) The main objectives of production planning and control is to ensure that production is carried out according to predetermined schedules to produce the required quality of the products.

b} To ensure smooth flow of work.

c} To maintain adequate inventory of raw materials. d) To ensure the continuous flow of production.

e} To maintain production and employment levels that are relatively stable and consistent with the volume of sales and

b) to elaborate the performance of the various work units.

Importance of Production Planning and Controls

Production planning and control is a function of looking ahead, anticipating difficulties and taking steps to remove the discrepancies before they take place. It reduces confusion and chose at the level of execution. The system of their development helps the achievement of maximum quality production at minimum cost. In short, the system of production planning and control in an industrial unit could be compared with a nervous system of the human body. Production control, just as the nervous system. regulates muscular movement, serves to co-ordinate the activities of production system. Production planning and control are very essential for intermittent. process industry where products are made only to customers orders and repetition of orders is not usual. Because in such industry, each succeeding part produced may follow a new path through the shop and the time required for each operation may differ. So It is necessary that such things are preplanned and activities various individuals are kept under control in order to maintain productivity and efficiency of a high level



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