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Occupational And Life Goals - Setting Them Made Easy

Updated on October 16, 2013

The Thinking Man

Getting To That List Of Your Goals [ TODAY ]

Goals basically motivate us within our business environment. Personally, I have greater job satisfaction when I meet my own goals, and I feel empowered as an employee.

After a few months in sales I started to make a list of my goals. I was keeping track of my daily sales, which then became monthly and yearly numbers. Sales trends that shape my business landscape interest me, and over time you could learn to justify a slow or, for that matter, a busy business cycle.

For example, traditional school vacation weeks were always slow, as was the summer period. In contrast though, months such as March - with twenty three-business days - are always bigger volume months.

Prior to this, I never considered myself a truly competitive person; yet, all of a sudden, I was into trends and sales performance. This led me to becoming a goal-orientated salesperson and committed to my sales goals.

Whenever business was slow or I was having a personally slow time, I would rededicate myself to a set of new or similar goals. To this day I constantly rededicate myself in an effort to improve who I am both professionally and personally...

How to Set Those Goals

The easiest way for me to do this is to write down ten goals that I have. After I write them down, I number them in the order of importance; this is the part where you come in. These goals can be something easy, some business matter that just doesn’t want to go away, or it could be something simple that you really want to get done. When it’s accomplished, say in the next day or two, you cross it off your list and move onto items two through ten.

You’ll see that mixing up some short term goals along with some long term goals will professionally lead to the best results. Sometimes it will seem like you’re running into walls; but, by listing your professional goals - and for that matter I even do it with personal goals - you will get that feeling of accomplishment. I always date these lists as this enables me to go back and review it after a few months; I can then make a new list.

You can also use it as a tool by showing your supervisors that you made your list, accomplished some of the objectives and are moving onto the next set of objectives. By doing so you may very well hear your supervisor say the words we all want to hear; “What can we do to help you meet your next set of goals?

If you’re ever having a problem with the goals, say to yourself; “I can do whatever I want, I’m [insert your full name here]”. Try it, it works !


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