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Of Principles And Accounts

Updated on June 13, 2011
Go ahead and grab you greedy grimy grizzly....I guess it really is the root of all evil.
Go ahead and grab you greedy grimy grizzly....I guess it really is the root of all evil.

Whenever one is dealing with matters of money, things can get touchy. By touchy I mean one has to be careful. Careful so that you don't get robbed blind and also careful so that you do not rob someone else blind.

Keeping accounts, admittedly, is not my cup of tea.However, because of things in the past, I do try to keep my accounts, not only for tax purposes but also for my own honor and integrity. Funny thing is, I still get stiffed. It does not matter what I do it seems the people I deal with have no manner of principles and when I try to call them on it, I am made a liar! What do I do but back down? I hate that feeling of begging for something that is yours to begin with. I have no problem with begging for something that I may need and not have but when I sweat and put my labor into a job, why should I have to beg you for the amount due to me? Why if I do get paid, it is a partial amount and not all? When did people become so dishonest? So self-obsessed that their whims are more important than another human being's survival?

Right now my hands are cold because once again I wasn't robbed blind, it was just taken right in front of my eyes and the person's attitude was "Too Bad!" I always get the feeling when I ask for what is mine people look at me like I am greedy or covetous and that feeling is like a slimy eel, I hate it. It is like their actions and lies cause my name/reputation to be dragged in the dust and whatever other muck there is lying on the ground.I don't want to be a millionaire, I don't even want to be rich, I just want to be paid the right amount for the work I do. Whatever happened to a worker is worthy of their wages? I'll answer my own question -nothing it is just people don't live by it, that's all.

How come people who do dishonest jobs and act dishonestly walk all around with their heads held high, and honest people who work until their fingers are raw to make a good name for themselves feel like they cannot look someone in the eye because they dare to ask for what is due them? I know I need to stop feeling this anger I just wonder at all the years of this happening and these people go on living happy, prosperous lives while I am picking up every stray penny I see in the street.

Maybe I should just throw the account book out the window, say too bad for everyone, I will keep what is mine and steal from others. I'll look at you suspiciously and call you a thief because I know I am one. I'll go and make people miserable with guilt for daring to call me on something I owe them.

By the grace of God may that never happen. It is just a hard thing to live in this world sometimes.

Somethings I have learned concerning money.

  • If you do a job and you are uncertain about your employer's credibility, have some sort of proof that the job was done.
  • If someone asks you to borrow money and you have it to lend, be prepared to never see it again. It is easier that way because debt can rip apart families and friendships.
  • Try your best never to borrow money unless it is an extreme emergency and even so give it back as soon as you get it in hand. Act like it is a hot potato and just get it out of the way.
  • When purchasing items that are new, it is better (my opinion) to pay cash in full. The reason I believe this is Hire Purchase always makes you pay more and who is to say what will happen down the line. These days no one's job is secure and the worst thing to me is to have re possessors knocking at your door. If you don't have it in cash and you can pay it off in three installments. Put aside the three installments and after three months go for the item and have extra cash in your hand.
  • Check the register when you are cashing out. Sometimes another person's item can get charged to your bill or a price that is on the shelf may not be in the system therefore you end up paying more than you calculated and you leave puzzled.
  • Do not co-sign on a loan unless you are prepared to pay the whole thing or go through a lot of trouble getting the person to pay it back because that often happens. People borrow money because they don't have it. It could happen that they do not come up with the cash at the time it is due.
  • Credit cards have to be carefully managed. If not it is possible that you just may end up paying for it for the rest of your life. Literally. If you do have a credit card, tread softly and make certain you know what you are doing.



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