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Off Grid housing industry in America

Updated on December 22, 2015
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David Pressler has been building monolithic concrete homes since 1984, Loxahatchee, Florida. Today offering homes in FL low down payment.

Reagan removes solar panels

Where would America be today if Reagan had not removed the solar panels from the White House?

Encapsulating Mobile homes with Closed Cell Foam

Off Grid Industry

Getting America off the grid one dwelling at a time should be the goal set for year 2025. Using the most plighted areas of America could be transformed to off grid cities.

First, through SCORE and local government dwellings could be purchased for little to nothing. Investing in training locals to renovate each home to off the grid produces a new refurbished off grid dwelling and gives locals work.

In the process of renovation; the first step would be to spray the exterior with closed cell foam. Closed cell foam comes in various strengths, 3 LB 3 inches is rated at 5,000 psi. Not only would older wooden homes be strengthen it would no longer have air leaks nor moisture intrusion.

Trainees would be taught how to operate spray foam machines ( machines donated along with foam).

Along with exterior insulation and vapor barrier Electrical conduit for new wiring will need to be installed. Rather heating and cooling the entire structure a split system would be installed where only the areas being used are actually regulated. Due to the exterior foam little energy will be required to do this since the interior temp remains fixed no air leaks.

Human waste is the elephant in the room nobody talks about. Everyday Millions of tons of human feces is processed in New York City alone! Compost Toilets installed, along with grey water plumbing, is another field for trainees. Water, how scarce will drinkable water be in the future? Cisterns have been used throughout history and perhaps should be used again, another industry along with the filtration industry that it incorporates. Who came up with the idea of putting perfectly good drinking water into a toilet bowl?

Wind and Solar systems

Once a dwelling has been encapsulated with closed cell foam the interior temperature will vary only slightly since a confined space has been created with the exterior foam application. Because of little variance in temp allows for a smaller less energy cooling system to be installed. Additional problem created is that of moisture. With no ventilation moisture will begin but today there are devices that can take moisture and make drinking water so perhaps this is an advantage not a negative. Both wind and solar systems should be utilized along with a battery backup to optimize off the grid capability. By using a black painted metal container to pre heat water saves a household almost 30% on the electric bill.

Off Grid homes one home at a time

By utilizing community associations like SCORE local unemployed can be trained in the field of alternative energy and home retro fit to off grid. Getting local govt. to donate old vacant homes as projects would rapidly aid in this process. Getting America off the grid by 2025 can be achieved and put people back to work at the same time.


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  • buck3647 profile image

    The Real David Pressler 24 months ago from Planet Earth

    Want to change the world Join me and lets take a home off the grid one at a time. If you are looking to make a bunch of money this project is not for you.