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Online Buisness For Women

Updated on April 12, 2013

Top 5 Ideas of Online Business for Women

If you are a Pakistani woman, and you want to stay at home due to some reason, an online business could really help you in getting some extra cash for yourself. When we say an online business, it may be anything from selling your old stuff on sites like eBay, to offering services which you are perfect in.

Most of the home based work can be performed anytime with your own convenience. If you are seriously thinking of starting some online work, there are dozens of opportunities available for you. Let us explore some of these opportunities:

  • Fiverr: Here you can offer any service from writing an article, blog, to creating a simple logo. The deal here is that you have to charge only $5 for every work. It could be a good source of income at start. Every job or gig could pay you $5. If you deliver quality work within the agreed time, you can easily win trust of your customer, and the chances of getting another client would become higher.
  • Freelancing: If you think you are good at writing, marketing, managing social media, graphic designing, or developing websites, you can easily offer your freelance services to others. You can join platforms where you can get freelancing jobs related to your skills. Some of the websites from where you can get such jobs are elance, freelancer, ehow, and many more.
  • Blogging: If you love writing, you can start a blog where you can write anything you love, or you have experience of. Post articles or blog posts regularly and provide quality and unique content to your readers. This would help you converting your reader into your followers. When you have have a good number of readers, you can offer them related product. Try to write about the product you are offering, and how can it help others to fulfill their requirements.
  • Infopreneur: What about becoming an infopreneur? Look for a topic that has not much information online, and sell products related to it. For instance, if you love stitching, you can write an e-book, “How to Stitch a Perfect Dress for a Baby Girl” or “Top 5 Fabrics for Babies”, and sell it on Amazon or any other website like this. It could be a fun way for earning some extra cash.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Find people online and share affiliate links to them. If any of them buy any thing from your link, you would get a commission for it. You can find people on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Tumbir, Digg, etc to promote the products and share affiliate links with them. You can start promoting a particular affiliate product by writing about it on your own blog or you can also get your promoting article published on other blogs.

These home based jobs are really helpful for women, specially mothers, as they don't have to go outside their homes to get paid. They can complete their house chores easily as well, and can maintain a balance between their personal and professional life.


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