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Online Data Entry Jobs in Pakistan

Updated on April 20, 2012
Online data entry jobs in Pakistan
Online data entry jobs in Pakistan

Data Entry as a free Internet job

Pakistan is a country with a high Internet population and there is an increasing demand for free online data entry work. Biggest problem when doing data entry jobs is finding a suitable one for free. There are lots of companies that just cheats money from there members. Because of this people are usually afraid to sign up for websites that ask them to pay some money upfront. As the users have become aware of this issues websites are also adjusting so now they let you join for free but then ask you to refer more people or ask you for money only after joining the site. in this article I will show you few websites that you can join for free to get data entry jobs. Keep in mind though that just because joining is free data entry jobs will be handed to you, you need to do the basic things like creating a profile and building your trust etc , keep reading to learn the details.

Where to find Data Entry jobs for free

As I mentioned before problem with most Internet data entry jobs is that you have to pay some money to join the site and get the data entry jobs. Most of the time this is trick and although most promise refunds if you are not satisfied you can very rarely get them back. Below are some sites that lets you join for free.

ODesk - This website offers commission in a somewhat unique way. You can bid for jobs and they add 10% to that bid as the final price. So the percentage is taken from the buyer rather than you who is selling the service. - Although Freelancer is renowned for free lance work like web design etc it does have some data entry job opportunities as well.Search for data entry jobs when you join the site. Continuity is important to find true success with these sites only then would your reputation would go up.

How to secure data entry jobs

As I mentioned before you want get data entry jobs just because you joined the website. First thing you need to do is create a nice looking profile that can attract potential buyers of your service. Add a profile picture , take some time to list down your qualifications and if you are specifically looking for data entry jobs it is a good idea to mention your typing speed as well.

Once you create a professional looking profile you can start bidding on data entry jobs. Search for data entry jobs in the sites and start bidding on them. Since you are just starting out it is always a good idea to start bidding with low amounts. You can increase this once you improve your reputation. Usually there is a small text area where you can write something, be sure to mention that although you are new you are capable of doing a great job with your clients work. And when you do secure you job make sure to do it to the best of your ability.

Data Entry Home Business Guide ( Important )

Instead of paying companies for data entry jobs, you can start your own data entry service, so you can cut out the middle man and keep all of the profits. This is a great way to make a good income from a part time data entry work. You need to have some English knowledge and you need to be willing to spend some time building contacts to have success with this method but if you succeed it is a very profitable venture.


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