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Online Jobs – Learn More about the Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Jobs

Updated on July 14, 2014

How to Make Money with Internet

The world is now connected by worldwide web. The introduction of internet provided numerous opportunities for the job seekers to find more profitable jobs according to their skills and talents. Online jobs increased the person-to –job ratio and have provided the opportunity to expand the working platform all over the world.

A lot of people are not successful in finding jobs in their country and many others are doing office jobs that are below their efficiency. For these people, online jobs are a fantastic opportunity where they can find suitable jobs based on their skills and experience and make more money from these works. You can make money doing the jobs of your choice if you have enough expertise in the field.

Online Jobs and Desk Jobs

A lot of new opportunities are created worldwide for the younger generation and also for those who want to opt out from their normal office jobs. Online jobs require zero investment to begin and the worker has the liberty to complete the work from his home or from some other areas of his preference. Before selecting online jobs as a full time career, it is a good idea to compare its different advantages and disadvantageous those are listed below:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Working from Home

Advantages of Online Jobs:

Global Job Search Is Possible: For online jobs, your efforts to find a good job will not be limited to specific location. You can search for the jobs without the limitation of geographical boundaries. If you have some skills or knowledge that is required by someone in a different country, you will be able to get that job.

Wide Job Opportunities: You can select the works from different employers offering jobs of your taste. Your service should not be restricted to a single employer; you can do different jobs at the same time, if you are able to complete the jobs within the agreed time schedules.

More Free Time for Personal Matters: When you do a normal office job, you will not get any free time for your other interests or hobbies, even to complete your domestic needs. Online jobs does not demand any strict work schedules; so you will get a lot of free time if you are wise enough to manage it usefully.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Paid Online Surveys

Availability of Jobs of Your Taste: When you are in search of a job in your country for living, you very little or no choice to select any job that is suitable to your interest. Jobs are usually offering based on your educational qualifications and experience; your personal interest has no saying in this. But when searching jobs online, you can select such works that will give you satisfaction in doing it. When you do a work that is related to your talent or taste, you will happily complete it, with utmost perfection, with the same interest as you are doing some of your hobbies.

No Investment Required: Finding and doing online jobs do not require any investment. Your only expenses are for your personal computer and for the internet connection. The money and time required for the traveling for doing desk jobs are also saved here. You can use this spare time to find more work or for completing your personal matters.

No Age Limit: People of all ages are doing online jobs; age is not a criterion to get the jobs. A lot of retired people are actively doing online jobs successfully. Since online jobs do not require any type of physical exertion or traveling, the age of the worker is not a problem.

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Flexible Working Venue: For desk jobs, your physical presence in the office is a must to complete your work to get income. But online jobs can do from your home or from some other different location, if you have an internet connection. If you have to move to a different area for some reasons, you can complete your online works from there in your free time.

Easy Communication: Communication between the employ and employer is more comfortable in online jobs. In desk jobs, it is not easy to do interaction with your superiors. But in online jobs, the companies will offer full time online assistance for helping their workers, because their whole business is depending on different online workers like you. By email or by video conference you will be able to get easy access to your employers.

Flexible Working Time: You have the freedom to decide the working time that is convenient to you, when you do online jobs. But the outcome of your earning will be based on the volume of the work you are doing, so make a realistic time schedule for completing your online tasks.

More Time for Family: The jobs such as taking kids to the school, cooking, doing the laundries etc. cannot be possible when you are doing office jobs because you are fully engaged in the daytime with your job and traveling. But when doing the online jobs, your working time can be arranged as per your personal convenience, so that you can complete your household duties also along with the online work.

Perfect for Work Home Mommies: For women, online works are best suitable because they can do their household duties also along with the work. In addition to this, they will save a lot of time that was used for dressing, makeup and traveling while doing office jobs.

Low Expense: The income you are getting from your online jobs can be fully utilized for your family after paying the taxes. There will be no more expenses for traveling, refreshments etc. that was unavoidable while doing office jobs.

Disadvantages of Online Jobs

No Legal Verification is Possible: The main disadvantage with online jobs is the absence of a foolproof method to check the authenticity of the companies with which you are associating. Since your only acquaintance with the company is through the internet, you may not be able to verify their genuineness as in the case of normal companies.

No Guarantee for the Pay: When you receive a work online, you have no means to check the company offering this work is genuine or not. So the payment after completing the work is not guaranteed as in the case of normal jobs.

Tough Competition: Competition in the online field is very tough. Since the job opportunities can be accessible from any part of the globe, each and every work has numerous competitors. This will prevent you from doing reasonable negotiations for getting a decent remuneration for the work. This competition will force you to accept the jobs for low wages, in beginning of your career. But when you have enough reputation in the field, you can demand good pay from genuine employers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Date Entry Jobs

No Interactions: Here the business relations are only through the internet and no personal contacts are possible as in the case of normal business. This association through internet will not be as smooth and sincere as the face to face association that is possible in normal business.

Lack of Social Association: The main advantage of the office jobs is the opportunity for association and interaction with different people. When you are busy doing online jobs, you will lose these facilities for chats, fun and healthy competitions with the colleagues. This will affect your social life and personality development.

Sharing Stress Is Not Possible: Business always produce tensions and stress relating to different issues. When you work alone in your home in front of a computer, you will not be able to adjust with these tensions by sharing them with some of your colleagues. Consultation and interaction with the co-workers are not possible when doing online jobs.

What Do You Know About Online Jobs?

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Health Problems: Working for a long time in front of the computer monitor will create many physical problems such as neck strain, Carpal tunnel syndrome etc. Some chemical and hormone imbalances like iron deficiency were also noted for those who are doing continuous work using computer. Protective measures such as anti-glare, anti-radiation, anti-static monitor filters and protective computer glasses are to be used against eye damage vision impairment.

Internet Connection Problems: Since you work is fully depend on the internet connection facility, any bad performance in this connection will interfere with your work. You will not be left with any other choice, if your net connection will fail to provide continuous support.

Strict Time Schedules: The strict time schedules that are associated with the online works will give you more pressure. To make more income, many of the online workers are associated with more than one work at the same time. But to complete all these works in time is a herculean task, if you fail set up strict self-guidelines for the working time.

No Employee Benefits: In online works, all the works are contracts and there is no employee-employer relationship. This set up will cut the different benefits such as health insurance, sick benefits etc. Since this work is considering as a contract, the worker will no more eligible for such benefits.

The above details will help you to take decision after assessing the pros and cons of the online jobs. It is fact that online jobs are not suited for everyone. Some of the advantages are found attractive for some, but for some others the same factors are disadvantageous. Many factors such as lifestyle, present work schedule, health situation, desire to earn more money etc. should be taken into consideration before taking a decision.


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