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Difference between shopping online and visiting market

Updated on March 30, 2012

Online Shopping vs. Physical Shopping

In this world human being always prefer change. And by keeping in view this thing, there is another drastic change we see in shopping. Now a days we saw two types of shopping. The first is done by physically and the second is done by online.

In online shopping we just stay in home n we buy and sell online via internet. And in physically shoping we physically went to the department store and done our shopping there.

As we see the difference between these two ways of shopping. there are some advantages and some disadvantages in both ways of shopping.

Online shopping is easy and it save time. It also help people to see a wide range of variety of the things they want to buy in just one place, by staying at home. On the other hand physical shopping helps people to do extra activity besides staying at home. And also by doing physical shopping they became more active. If we go to the negative part of both of the shoping way. In online shopping people became lazy,don't do extra activity. And in physical shoping people have to give their busy routine time in it,And also became tired.

So if we wind it up we see that both of the ways of shopping. There are some positive part and some negative part. But keeping in view the process of change the online shopping is more recommended. As what we can say change is better.

Written by: A.Q


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