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Online Writing Sites That Die

Updated on January 7, 2015
Where do writing sites go to die?
Where do writing sites go to die?

The online writing phenomenon took the internet by surprise. Well, not really as everyone new that online writing is a lucrative endeavor. Many have chosen this work at home opportunity to augment their income. I don’t blame them as this online work is really flexible. Moreover, this is an easy way to earn cash with minimal efforts. This is why a lot of online writing sites have sprouted like mushrooms over the years. And I must admit that I’ve signed up on a couple. But not every site that I’ve been to was successful. If you’ve been trying to earn money online through writing, then you know what I mean.

Sad truth about writing sites that die

There are many reasons why writing sites die. One reason that I have noticed is the inability to pay its members. Profit sharing sites promise their members a certain amount. This can be based on page views, advertising share and the like. Business models differ but the author’s desire to earn is the same. When members fail to receive their payments, they lose interest in writing there. Likewise, bad word travels fast in the online writing world and it can be detrimental to the site. Of course there are some loyal members that stick with the site. However, it may not be enough to sustain the operating cost of the online writing site.

One site I know was successful for a couple of years. And in fact, they were able to generate thousands of members and paid members on time. What’s amazing was that it was so easy to get the minimum payout amount because of their system. But sad to say, many new members took advantage. Eventually, many plagiarized work just to get more post published. Some even wrote nonsensical posts just to earn extra! Since one of the parameters for earning there was the number of comments, some members just posted words that did not make sense. Some even went as low as pretending to be the site admin and posted articles that were supposedly from the site owners. Slowly, the site changed its format, introduced stricter policies and a lot of payments were not given. Members started abandoning the site. The site still exists but it is not as active now as it was then.

Some sites don’t really die but are absorbed by other sites. Even the online writing world has its mergers and acquisitions. When this happens, members of the site are forced to follow different rules and even use an editing and publishing system they are not familiar with. Surely, this dampens the spirit of the members. Some simply quit and move on to other earning opportunities online while others try out their new home.

Joining A writing site is an investment of time and effort.
Joining A writing site is an investment of time and effort.

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What to look for in a site that won’t die

It is to our advantage to sign up with a writing site that will pay us and will last for a long time. However, not every site is created the same. Some will last long while others will eventually die. In finding a site that you can rely on, I have noticed several characteristics:

Responsive admin

A responsive admin is vital to the longevity of an online writing site. When members need help or assistance, there should be someone there. This is practically the customer service that site owners do for their members. Moreover, having someone communicate with you offers the peace of mind that something is being done. But of course, something should be done!

Activities for the members

Boosting the morale of the members is a critical strategy in keeping the site alive. When writers are happy, they will perform better. However, if there are no activities or at least programs to improve writer engagement, members will lose interest. Acknowledging the author’s performance is a great motivator. Likewise writing challenges that can earn members recognition or extra cash is a worthwhile endeavor. Lastly, members should have the ability to interact with others. Having a strong and supportive community will help boost morale and improve relationships.

Continuous improvements

In order for a site to last for a long time, it should provide continuous improvements. Whether it is in the payment system, article editing and publishing mechanics, security and protection of its members – Hubpages offers a way for its members to see if their content is copied elsewhere. This has helped me file numerous DMCA take down notices and improve my page views. Suffice to say, there should be something new for the members.

It is sad that some of the sites that I have signed up have eventually lost its momentum. But that is the reality in the online world. Only the fittest will survive. And sometimes, we have to know which one to rely on. I still have a few writing sites that I go to and I am hoping that they will last a long time. In addition, I still sign up in new writing sites just to try them out. If they work, then it’s great. If it does not, then I have to say goodbye and move on. Some writing sites die a horrible death while others slowly vanish. I just hope you have found one that will survive.


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    • jpcmc profile image

      JP Carlos 3 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

      Hello there tirelesstraveler,

      At least procrastination worked for you this time. lol It is sad when a site sprouts up snowballs and then lose momentum.

    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 3 years ago from California

      I had been contemplating joining another site for once my procrastination saved me. The site has since gone down. So sad.