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Start Your Own Internet Wireless Store For FREE - Give Away And Sell Cell Phones - Earn Money

Updated on September 30, 2013

Start Your Own Business FREE

When I first started out trying to start my own business from home, it was very challenging because I did not know a thing about marketing, advertising, web page creation etc. I paid for a lot of scams that never produced what they said they would and I almost gave up until 4 years ago. I was browsing some classified ads when I ran across a FREE affiliate opportunity with an authorized wireless service provider called TMI Wireless. They have an amazing opportunity with no investment ever (Unless you want your own domain name - It is only $19 a year). You can make $50 for every cell phone you sell or give away for FREE. Its that simple. The website you are given is automatically updated daily with all the latest Cell phones and accessories.

This was my cash cow secretly at first until I started making money monthly and could show proof of my earnings. When I first got started I was my first customer and once I received my new Cell Phones I used them to promote and get sales. I made my first $50 off of my self and I was so happy to finally have a business opportunity that really paid. You can also refer people to work under you as your Sub Affiliate and when they make a sale you get paid too. I currently have 36 people under me and it definitely has greatly increased my monthly earning potential. They give you flyers that you can print to start promoting right away as well as banners and text links for online advertising. They supply you with a host of RSS feeds that send customers directly to your personalized website as well as Print-Ad samples and Email Templates.

Here's how it works. Upon approval, the program lets you painlessly launch your own private-branded cell phone website in minutes. There is NO COST to do this other than the cost of a domain name that you can purchase on your own or through them. Your private-label website lets you upload your own logo, customize various site colors, add social links to your Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Blog pages, and much more. This company has been approved by the BBB and the Online Business Bureau.

Generous Compensation Plan - Earn generous commissions every time one of your customers activates a cell phone (including any of our free cell phone offers) on a new wireless calling plan. Plus, you also earn money when any of your sub-affiliates make a sale! You also have the option to promote Dish Network and all the latest cellular accessories available. When I first started I was averaging about $100 in sales a month. As of now I have made over $25,000 in sales and bonuses in the last two years and I am earning more every year. Check out the comp plan below. They mail you a check every month for sales made the previous month. You can watch your business daily and see orders that were made within 24 hours of the customer ordering.

Commission Rates:

Commision Rates
Individual post-paid phone activation (contract-based)
$50 per shipped phone + 10% bonus if you reach 20 shipped phones in a given month!
2-Phone post-paid shared plan activation (contract-based)
$60 per shipped shared plan (2 phones) + 10% bonus if you reach 20 shipped phones in a given month!
Add-a-Line (when a customer adds additional lines to a shared plan)
$10 per shipped phone
Phone Upgrade/Contract Extension
$10 per order maximum (regardless of # lines)
AT&T GoPhone, T-Mobile FlexPay
$7 per shipped phone
Q Score/SmartAccess/FlexPay phone (T-Mobile only)
$10 per shipped order (regardless of # of phones)
Wireless Accessories (sold separately through the Accessories page, not combined with phone sales)
15% of total amount
Dish Network TV
$75 per installation

Bonus Payments Details

You earn a 10% bonus when you sell 20 or more post-paid (contract based) cell phones in a given month. For example, say you ship 22 phones in December, your commission will be $50 * 22 + 10% bonus ($110) = $1210.00. Note that family plans with 2 lines count as 2 phones, so you could sell 10 family plans (2 phones each) and still get the bonus. Prepaid, no-contract, and QScore/SmartAccess phones do not apply. The bonus amount is calculated on the standard commission you earn on cell phones only (other non-cell phone products such as satellite tv, home alarms, etc are not included in the 10% calculation). Sub-affiliate sales do not count towards the bonus quota of 20 sales - only direct Tier-1 sales apply.

Override Commissions: (commission you earn on sub-affiliate sales)

Bonus Commission Rate
Wireless phone/plan (contract-based)
$10 per shipped phone
2-Phone Family Plan (contract-based)
$10 per shipped family plan (2 phones)
Dish Network TV
Wireless Accessories
AT&T GoPhone, T-Mobile FlexPay
Phone Upgrade/Contract Extension

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    • Rony Bagthaliya profile image

      Rony Bagthaliya 5 years ago

      The issue is that most online trade-in programs will alter the payout amount after you have sent in your phone without giving you a choice. At if you disagree with the payout amount, they will send you your phone back at no cost to you if prefer it.

    • stacies29 profile image

      stacies29 7 years ago from Washington DC

      Thanks Best Mom Ever. It really is a great opportunity if you are serious.

    • Best MOM Ever profile image

      Best MOM Ever 7 years ago

      Great information! I have been researching the company for a few minutes now and I have seen some bad comments, but also have seen some really good ones. Thank you for writing this informative hub!

      Best Wishes

    • stacies29 profile image

      stacies29 7 years ago from Washington DC

      Yes I have my own site it is

    • jobister profile image

      jobister 7 years ago from Anaheim, California

      Its a great idea, similar to the way cellphone kiosks are setup in the mall. People tend to like to play with the handsets before buying them. I would be interested, can you provide some examples of sites you operate or know of any?