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My Work From Home Dream - Take 2

Updated on April 6, 2020

My Dip In The Affiliate Marketing Pool

I have always had an interest in being able to work from home and I don't mean 9-5pm with my boss on the other end of the phone, afraid to leave the laptop in case he calls! I have always wanted to work for myself, with the freedom to just be where I want to be at any time and pull out the laptop and work, to earn while I sleep.

I'm not going to bore you with the same old sob story of "Ohhhh I tried so many things and nothing ever worked", but if I am completely honest; I have had a few attempts at Affiliate Marketing and some things worked, well....kind of! My first attempt at building that Entrepreneurial lifestyle and the 'Dream' was about 10 years ago when I tried a few courses such as Google Sniper and The Affiliate Blueprint that really focused on search engine optimisation, laser targeted keywords and Free Traffic sources such as blog posts and article writing and product reviews. It was so boring because I had absolutely no interest in what I was writing about. I didn't love what I was doing, I didn't love the products. I was basically buying and reviewing them more because of the high commissions and lack of good options.

I found myself getting less and less interested due to the lack of cashflow which meant I was stuck trying to find free sources of traffic and that was easier said than done. I eventually threw in the towel. I was sick of reviews, I was sick of blogs and forums and articles. I hated it, if im completely honest. My total earnings for a good 3 or 4 months work was $126 which was paid by cheque from Clickbank. If you take out what I paid for the courses and the products, I probably lost about $300. Not exactly the road to success!

I got on with my life and went back to school and got better educated and eventually found a better job and I am bringing in a decent wage. Am I happy? I would be lying if I said I wasn't, I like my job and I like the type of work. I work for a good company with great people.....I know what your thinking...So what your problem? Why are you writing this?

For some reason I have had this overwhelming urge recently to give this dream for working for myself another go. Maybe I was just too young and impatient before, and maybe I was doing the wrong thing. I need to find something that I love. I have been researching what options are available. The big ones these days seems to be Amazon FBA and Shopify but the good old Affiliate Marketing seems to be still going strong. As you all know with the wonders of modern technology; Once you type in 'How to Make Money From Home' on your laptop or computer, you seem to be followed everywhere with Ads about it, Facebook, Instagram, Google. I have been tempted by the Amazon FBA as this is a business model, I think I would enjoy however at the time of writing we are stuck in the middle of this horrible Corona Virus Pandemic which originated in China (where most amazon FBA products are manufactured), this makes me think this may not be the right time to start with this type of business but I will may look into it when things pick up.

How did I stumble across Partney With Anthony?

I came across the Partner With Anthony Ads on Facebook. My first impression was that this guy was offering you the chance to Partner with him. He would provide you full training on utilising Email Marketing (something I always wanted to learn) and building funnels to build yourself a large Email list that you could then use to promote to and in return he would take a percentage of the commissions. The price for this was $7 per month.

My first thought was

  • The price was cheap at $7 but surely he wasn't going to take a commission from all your profits for life??!

I need not have worried, What I didn't know was that Anthony is a very successful Internet marketer and author that has been doing this for years and has even been on CNN talking about his achievements. He actually has a large amount of products within his Partner With Anthony program that you can promote and these are the products that you will split the commission on.

While this is amazing in itself; you will be building a huge list of email subscribers that you can deliver valuable content to and promote your own products completely independent of the PWA program as well. I signed up needless to say, I would have paid the $7 per month to learn email marketing alone :-) .

So, what do you get with PWA:

  • Very detailed videos on how to be a successful email marketer.
  • Links to all the tools you require in order to succeed - These are not free, but hey, what business is 100% free? They are very low cost!
  • Training on how to earn commissions from the very tools you are using to build your business plus from Anthonys core products.
  • How to drive traffic to your funnels
  • Access to The Success Connection facebook groups and live webinars every week - THIS IS AMAZING - The community is huge and so helpful to each other
  • Once you are finished the 20+ training videos you should be well on your way to becoming successful.
  • Theres so much more..I've only dipped my toe in

I am really excited by the content of this course but equally by the support that is available from the other members of the group. I'll be back with another article on my progress.

Watch this space......


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