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Paper Clips

Updated on December 17, 2011

Buy Paper Clips?

We all love paper. Without paper, we'd have to do everything online. Perhaps the third most frustrating paper-related situation occurs when carefully collated documents randomly disburse. Losing control of our paper can often be prevented through strategic application of paper clips. Few office supplies rival the unassuming paper clip when paper control becomes paramount.

Shopping for paper clips requires diligence, patience, and this article. Herein we present highly recognized products designed for this important niche in the office products pantheon. Take your time, shop wisely, and select what you need in order to streamline paper security throughout your office. We're here to help, but we can't do everything for you.

ACCO Smooth Economy Paper Clips

ACCO churns out millions of bent steel wires configured to control recalcitrant paper. Every paper clip engineer in the office supplies industry recognizes the superior level of quality and shininess packed into every box of ACCO clips. Should you find yourself traveling through Lincolnshire, IL, stop by their corporate headquarters and ask for a tour: you will not be disappointed.

This pack of 10 individual packs includes over 999 precision instruments that will keep you organized for at least a week. Order a pack of this pack of packs for every supply cabinet in your immediate vicinity. You don't want to run out of these things.

ACCO Nylon Coated Jumbo Paper Clips

Should you find yourself faced with the unenviable task of binding particularly sensitive documents, be sure to deploy the proper containment devices. These nylon coated paper clips provide an optimal balance of clipping and cushioning. Your critical sheaf of executive reports will never go out of order.

Each specially designed clear plastic box contains over 149 clips in assorted colors. It's staggeringly easy to assess your current supply level by simply glancing at the box. You don't even need to open it. We absolutely adore the red ones, but every color complements any decor, especially the numbing gray that comprises most cubicle walls. Use the colors to 'flag' documents: who knew that a humble paper clip could perform double-duty?

Kikkerland Dog Bone Paper Clips

Standard clips for paper have sported a consistent shape for as long as office supply cabinets have had padlocks. Just when you think you've seen it all, along comes a shape that revolutionizes how papers attach into groups: it's a dog bone.

Don't be quick to dismiss this innovative design. Leverage at the crucial gripping end of the clip is increased by over 12%, at least as far as we know. Surface area also increases, thereby reducing any potential damage to the paper. The dog lovers in your office will adore these.

A&W Products Metal Paper Clips, Circular

Round paper clips in a round container at a nice round price: the dream of office managers and OCD administrators throughout the business world. Look no further than this handy container of clips from a company with the same name as a company that makes root beer.

The tin can be re-used to hold traditional paper clips as well as staples, spare change, and breath mints. In this economy we all need to be flexible.

Paper Clip Memo Holder

Nowhere is it written, except on some obscure and less-reputable blogs, that paper clips must be miniscule. This stunningly huge clip securely secures huge hunks of paper that would hopelessly deform a lesser paper clip. It stands proudly on your desk as a global reminder of the engineering skills that put a man on the moon and later gave us Chili-Cheese Frito's.

The Fellowes Corporation globally manufactures business machines, records storage contrivances, and paper clips. They found themselves founded in 1917 by Harvey Fellowes. Their flagship product was a cardboard box for storing office documents, but paper clips were soon to follow.

Magnetic Paper Clip Dispenser

Certainly one of the top 100 uses for magnetism is the control and distribution of paper clips. Deploy several of these innovative dispensers across your expansive mahogany desk to provide your raving sycophants with a steady supply of their favorite thing to fidget with as you excoriate them for going over budget.

The lid removes easily for refilling: you don't have to jam the clips into the container while struggling with a recalcitrant magnetic field that doesn't know the difference between adding and removing paper clips.

Hello Kitty Die Cut Paper Clip Set

Anything shaped like Hello Kitty tends to sell like proverbial hotcakes in places where people have no taste whatsoever. Paper clips formed in the outline of the eponymous Hello Kitty head are certainly available, and this is a prime example. We find this abomination to be mostly abominable. Paper clips were never meant to commemorate pop culture icons or engender feelings of whimsy: the office is a serious place. Work should not be disrupted by paper clasps that do not follow traditional paper clip configurations. Save your novelties for kids' parties and Wall Street coverups.



You must clip, but clip wisely.


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    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 6 years ago

      I wish I invented the paper clip!

    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 6 years ago from Ohio, USA

      @The Frog Prince: I am the king of Amazon referrals. LOL.

    • The Frog Prince profile image

      The Frog Prince 6 years ago from Arlington, TX

      You have WAAAYYYY to much time on your hands. LOL

      The Frog

    • joerdie profile image

      joerdie 6 years ago

      This drips with irony? Paperclips do rock.