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Party Promotion

Updated on October 4, 2011

Become a Party Promoter - Make more money!

Party promoters are people who are responsible for getting other people to visit a night club or attend a party. They are very skilled sales people who excel at marketing and networking. Many may think that becoming a party promoter would be hard to do. However, almost anyone can become a party promoter.

There are no requirements for formal education though someone with a business degree may have an edge. This is because knowledge of marketing and management do come in handy especially when managing parties or events. Websites like and offer help resources to help people get into the business of promoting parties.

How to Become a Party Promoter

· Get an Education

Though there are no strict requirements for formal education, a college degree can be very beneficial for anyone who wants to become an event promoter or party promoter.

· Gain Experience

If you want to become a future party promoter, the best way to get into the job is to gain experience. That can be done by working as an assistant or sub-promoter. By working with someone who is already an established promoter, you will get valuable experience. Gaining experience will help you select a specialty within the field that you can excel at.

· Refine Necessary Skills

Being a party promoter, you may want to hone a specific set of skills. Good party promoters are very good marketers and they need to be in order to convince people to attend parties and go to clubs. It takes skill to speak and appeal to people. It is vital to have the proper communication skills as the job entails speaking to many different people. The also communicate on many different platforms. Savy promoters have found much value in developing websites and capturing email addresses in order to later send bulk emails to the subscribers. With cell phone use on the rise, even savvier promoters have tapped into the bulk text message list. Websites like allow you to input their SMS code to receive weekly events, bar specials and VIP offers for specific cities.

The greatest skill of a party promoter can have is networking. A promoter needs to build a network of people that aid in finding more people for his list. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising. Being networked with people like photographers, designers, caterers, club owners, DJs, and other people can help promoters increase their credibility and develop a customer base that they can count on to attend the parties that they promote or organize.

· Promote and/or Market Parties and Events

A Party Promoter’s time is mostly spent promoting and marketing parties by inviting people, printing and spreading fliers, running email and SMS campaigns, social networking and other creative means.

· Attend Parties

Most party promoters are self-employed and work as independent contractors. They are required to find their clients and work to get a contract. After a party or event is booked and the contracts are signed, he or she is now responsible for promoting and marketing the party or event. The more people you get in the door the bigger you can expect your pay days to be.

It is only natural that party promoters should be attending the parties that they have promoted. But just as importantly they should make sure they have photographers to record the party and can form part of the promoter’s portfolio. An old wise promoter out of Japan once told me, "If it ain't on video or picture, then it ain't happened!"


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    • michememe profile image

      Miche Wro 

      6 years ago

      Interesting article. I once consider being a party promoter. If I give it anymore thoughts I will refer back to your tips, as they are very useful.


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