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Patience, a thing of the past???

Updated on May 16, 2011

Changing Life Styles

 As I sit here this morning, trying to get organized, I realize that we live in a very different word from yester-year. The days of getting up, going to work and coming home to simply relax are gone. The world we live in today is fast pace. We have become a people of non-stop going and organization or time management is absolutely essential to survive in this world.

 9 to 5 jobs are few and far between. We start our days earlier and end them when the sun long ago gone down for the night. Shift work and ten or twelve hour days are now common. Over-time is something we look for, liking it or not, as it is needed in an economy that no longer supports  a single minimum wage job. Rent and home mortgages have increased 100 fold as have groceries and entertainment. If we want to do more than simply work to live, we have to seek out other means of financial aid.

 Twenty-five years ago, a family with just Mom or Dad working was not un-common. Mom still stayed home, most of the time, and kept the house and made sure we all had what we needed for our life. Now and then, Mom would do a part time job or sell Avon from home. The cost of living was close enough to the earned wage that one adult working was enough to sustain a fairly good life-style. Today, that is simply not the case. Mom and Dad both hold down jobs and that all in itself, changed everything we do and how we did it. Dad helps with dinner or does as much to maintain the house as he can and Mom crams in soccer, baseball, school events and everything else that comes with life today.

 We hustle and bustle to keep up with our daily activities and still have a moment or two to relax. Our sleep habits, as a people, have also changed. The classic 8 hours of sleep is now replaced with a 5 to 6 hour night of sleeping. We rush around before or after work, fitting in gyms and walks and kids and dinner. Weekends are not the same anymore either. Many company's work 24/7  to keep up with the demands of a world that is now 7 Billion strong. The huge quantities of food and the containers we buy them in keep factories running non-stop... those that have been lucky enough to with stand the crunch of our economy.

 We live in a world that simply does not have time to be patient. "Good things come to those that wait" has been replaced by "If you snooze, you lose." It isn't about being rude anymore. It isn't even necessarily how we want life to be. It simply is the way of our lives now. If we are not aggressive in what we do and go after what we want in life, we will simply be left behind. To be patient is not something we even seem to strive to pass on tyo our kids now. We promote fast action and "hurry up, let's go." They learn to run almost before they learn to walk. Survival really IS for the fittest.   

My Thoughts on time and patience

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    • Dday50627 profile imageAUTHOR

      Darrel Day 

      7 years ago from Iowa

      Becky, I understand each and every word you have written. Sheila was disabled 1 year after we married and for 24 years we lived in hospitals and rehabs. we managed to buy a house, raise to beautiful daughters and live life to it's best. Laughter, love and the knowing that we had the choice to let it beat us or better us made our love one that few beleive in and even fewer will ever see or feel. God Bless you and your family. Thank you for sharing this with me. Darrel

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I truly believe that our fast paced life and lack of proper amounts of sleep are what is responsible for the wave of depression that is flooding our country. We, as a people, do not get the requirements we need to stay healthy. My husband has been disabled since 1 week after our wedding. He has said that if he knew that was going to happen, we would not have gotten married. We have been married 27 years now and I would not change that. I supported us, while he took care of children and fought for his disability. It has not been easy but finally about 7 years ago, he got his service connected disability. We are not well off but finally, I do not HAVE to work and we can breathe a little easier.


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