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Pay Per Click Marketing Using Yahoo Search, Google Adwords, Site Maps, and Proper SEO For Maximum Benefit..

Updated on May 4, 2011

Pay per click marketing made easy, using Yahoo Search

If you are trying build your business by increasing the amount of leads you receive, Yahoo Search Marketing is a great way to find new prospects if you know a few strategies for attracting leads to your product or service.  There are many different ways to bring in new leads with Yahoo Search Marketing, let’s take a look at the two primary methods online business owners use to bring in new leads with Yahoo Search Marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a strategy used to generate free organic traffic to your website through Yahoo Search Marketing.  You can use search engine optimization techniques on your website so the search engines will view your site as relevant and give it high rankings in the search results.  Some of the basic search engine optimization strategies include: 

  • Choosing the Right Keywords:  In order to make your search engine optimization campaign successful you must choose the right keywords that people are using to search for your product or service.
  • Include the Keywords in Your Web Pages:  Include the keywords throughout your website in your meta tags.  Make sure they are strategically placed to avoid overstuffing. 
  • Update Your Pages:  Keep your pages updated with new content so when the search engines spider your page they always discover new content. 
  • Relevant Links:  Use inbound links that are relevant to your content and offer high quality information.  It is also helpful to include keywords in the anchor text for the inbound links. 
  • Use Site Maps:  Use site maps on your website so the search engine spider can easily find its way around your site. 

Keep in mind that although search engine optimization with Yahoo Search Marketing is one of the cheapest ways to find new leads, it also takes a little time for the technique to kick in with the search engines.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Yahoo Search Marketing contains a pay per click advertising program which is a very effective tool for finding new leads and generating immediate traffic to your website.  PPC Ads are the sponsored ads that you see in the search engine results.  Yahoo Search Marketing ads help you find new leads in the following ways:

  • Generate Immediate Traffic:  Within a few hours of posting a PPC ad with Yahoo Search Marketing you can have highly targeted traffic visiting your website.  The traffic is targeted when you use the keywords that people use in their searches in your Yahoo Search Marketing ad.
  • You Only Pay for Visitors:  When you use Yahoo Search Marketing ads, you only pay for the visitors that click through to your website.  If your keywords are highly targeted you can generate a profitable return on investment in a relatively short period of time.
  • Ad Optimization:  With Yahoo Search Marketing you can run more than one ad to see which one performs the best.  This is a money saver when you compare it to traditional ways of advertising that only allow you to test one ad at a time. 

Pay Per Click and SEO are the top ways to find new leads with Yahoo Search Marketing.  Keep in mind that you have to continually test and tweak these methods due to changing factors with the search engines and the way people use keywords to search.

There are many companies that offer pay per click advertising, explore them all!
There are many companies that offer pay per click advertising, explore them all! | Source

Using Google Adwords Effectively

Google Adwords is an effective tool for generating immediate traffic to your website and if you set up your ad campaign correctly it is very effective in generating new leads that are highly targeted and will most likely purchase your product or service. Let’s talk about some of the elements you should include in your Google AdWords campaign that will guarantee you receive new leads that have a specific need for your niche product or service.

Targeting a Google AdWords Campaign

One of the reasons a lot of advertisers fail to bring in new leads with Google AdWords is because they lack the correct elements for creating a successful campaign. Some of these elements include:

  • Highly Targeted Keywords: A successful Google AdWords campaign begins with highly targeted keywords and keyword phrases that people are using to search for your product. This is why it is important to invest time in finding out what keywords they are using by doing your research with the Google keyword tool that is included with your AdWords account.

  • Get to Know Your Audience: Use the keywords you have found to get to know your target audience by typing the keywords into the search engine. Hang out in forums and on social networking sites to become familiar with some of the problems your target audience is trying to solve. If you do not know your audience, you cannot write PPC ads that will target their emotions.

  • Ad Titles: Write an ad title that captures your reader’s attention. The title should contain a keyword phrase from your research and make reference to solving a specific problem for your targeted audience.

  • Ad Descriptions: Your ad descriptions should clearly define what your product or service is about and include a call to action. The ad should be written in a compelling manner and contain a specific keyword phrase.

  • Landing Page: Your landing page should be set up to deliver what was promised in the ad. Make sure your ad points directly to the landing page instead of the home page of your website. The content on your landing page should include keyword phrases that were used in the ad and should be relevant to the ad content.

  • Opt-In: Place an opt-in form on your landing page that captures your prospect’s name and email address. Offer high quality information for free in exchange for their information. This will help you to establish an ongoing relationship with your new leads.

  • Track and Test: Track your ads with the Google AdWords tracking tools as well as your landing pages. If you have no knowledge of how these elements are performing you cannot optimize them by making changes to get the best results.

If you choose your keywords carefully, write ads that target a specific audience, and create a landing page that delivers the promise, you will be highly successful in bringing in new leads by using Google AdWords. What’s more is the new leads will be interested in your product or service right from the time they start searching and the steps you include in your AdWords campaign will simply lead them through the rest of the process and ultimately the sale.

Secondary PPC Networks

Advantages in Using Smaller Search Engines

When online business owners think of pay per click advertising, they immediate think of Google AdWords.  This is because Google is currently the largest search engine on the Internet.  While a lot of online business owners use Google AdWords to generate immediate traffic, it can be quite expensive for other entrepreneurs who are new to Internet marketing and pay per click advertising. 

With Google AdWords the bidding price for popular keywords can be quite costly making it difficult for new advertisers to generate a profitable return on investment.  This can also be the case with Yahoo Search Marketing and MSN Adcenter. 

If you are trying to get your business up and running, smaller search engines such as ABC Search and MIVA can help you generate website traffic in a more cost effective way.  Let’s take a look of some of the advantages of using smaller pay per click search engines for generating website traffic with pay per click advertising.

Less Competition

A lot of the larger businesses on the Internet use Google AdWords for their pay per click advertising campaigns.  This means you will have less competition for keywords and greater chances of your ad appearing in the top search results.

Lower Cost Per Click

Because the competition is much lower on the smaller search engines, you will pay a lower cost per click for popular keywords and long tail keywords.  When it comes to cost per click, it is the competition that drives up the price of popular keywords.  This means that you can reduce your advertising costs significantly and, for as low as one cent per click on keywords that may cost you as much as 25 cents per click with other pay per click search engines.

Conversion Rates

Although there may be less traffic on the smaller search engines, if you use highly targeted keywords, you will receive traffic that is pre-qualified and will most likely be interested in your product or service.  This is better than spending a lot of money on advertising to get a lot of traffic and then only a few people are interested in what you have to offer.  Remember that sometimes less means more.

Higher ROI

If you are paying lower costs per click, this will help you to generate a higher return on investment for your product or service.  In addition to cost per click also make sure you are testing your ads and their keyword performance to help contribute to a higher rate of return on your investment.

Although pay per click advertising can be risky, smaller pay per click search engines can significantly reduce the risk of your investment and be very profitable if you know the strategies associated with successful pay per click advertising.  If anything, a smaller pay per click search engine is a great way to get started with pay per click advertising.  Once you gain the experience then you can add some of the larger search engines to your pay per click advertising campaign.

Main PPC Networks


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