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Pegawai Tadbir Diplomatik Exam Questions Examples

Updated on September 27, 2014

Nota Rujukan Exam Pegawai Tadbir Diplomasi M41

Examinations will be conducted at the end of October 2014 according to the schedule will be issued by the SPA will be occupied by the candidates who want to develop themselves forward to take on higher positions.

As with any examination, preparation needs to be done to get excellent results. Similarly to the Administrative and Diplomatic Officer Exam M41. Accordingly, in order to facilitate and assist the candidates, the following are examples of questions peperiksaanPeperiksaan Administrative and Diplomatic Officer.

Sample Questions For Section A

Sample Questions:
1.Royal Malaysian Customs Department is under

A. Ministry of Finance.
B. Ministry.
C. Ministry of International Trade and Industry.
D. Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs.
Answer: A

2. Which of the following has been gazetted as a Duty Free Island ?

I. Pulau Perhentian
II. Pulau Langkawi
III. Pulau Tioman
IV. Labuan

A. I and III
B. II and IV
C. I, II and III
D. II , III and IV
Answer: D

Examination Syllabus

1. This test consists of two sections, namely:

i). Section A - General Knowledge
ii). Section B - Troubleshooting Power
iii). Section C - Malay Essay
iv). Section D - English Essay


Time: 40 Minutes
Number of Questions: 50
The purpose of this section is to test the candidate's awareness of things going on in Malaysia and around the world. Candidates are required to know in general matters of customs, economic and financial resource management, international trade management, information & communications technology, national security, law, science, social, field sports, the field of religion and other current developments. 


Time: 45 Minutes
Number of Questions: 40

This section measures the candidate's solve the problem by using the concept of the items the following items:

i). Skills Using Logic

In this section, candidates are required to use their knowledge, skills, thinking skills and apply the information provided to select the correct answer to solve the problem posed.

Sample question no.1


Sample Questions:

1. is a diagram of the final sequence

Answer: C

Sample Question No.2

2. What is the most suitable for the A?

Answer: B

Technical answer:
94/47 = 2
180/45 = 4
126/42 = A
A = 3


ii) Skills interpret data

Candidates will be given a series of questions using a variety of problem-solving and statistical data. Candidates are required to analyze
these data to solve the problem posed.

Sample Questions:

1 Bar chart shows the number of local and foreign tourists who visit the National Zoo from January until March.

In April, the number of foreign tourists has increased by 40% while the number of domestic tourists is two thirds over the previous month. Calculate the difference between the local tourists and foreign tourists who come to visit the National Zoo in April.

  • A. 160
  • B. 200
  • C. 400
  • D. 560

Answer: A

Technical answer:

Foreign tourists = 40/100 x 400
= 160
= 160 + 400
= 560
Local tourists = 2/3 x 600
= 400
April tourist diff = 560-400 = 160

Figure 2 below shows the number of digital cameras sold in 2007 and 2008 total of 290 digital cameras were sold from 2007 to 2010, the ratio in 2009: 2010 is 3: 4.

The number of digital cameras sold in 2010 was

  • A. 30
  • B. 60
  • C. 80
  • D. 140

Answer: C

Technical answer:

Number of digital cameras sold = 290 units
Total digital camera in 07/08 = 150
Total digital camera in 09/10 = 290-150
= 140
By well-so,
3: 4 = 140
1 piece = 140/7 = 20
and 4 = 4x 20 = 80

The digital camera sales in 2010 stood at 80.

iii) Concepts of Mathematics

Mathematical concepts used include algebra and geometry. Though some of the candidates who have qualified in mathematics at diploma level, this does not mean an advantage for them answer questions from candidates from other areas, because the questions are more basic mathematics syllabus for Form 5 (Malaysian Certificate of Education).

Sample Questions:
1 Parcel A and C square and C is the fourth area of ​​the parcel of land parcel A.

If the width of the box B is 7 meters, calculate the area of ​​the parcel B.

  • A. 105m2
  • B. 125m2
  • C. 230m2
  • D. 245m2

Answer: A

Technical answer:

Parcel C = A quarter of the size of the room
Parcel C = 1/4 * (10 * 10)
= 25 m2
Long Parcel B = A + long-term box compartment C
= 10 + 5
= 15 m

Spacious compartment B = 15 * 7 = 105 M210

2 Each month, David spent 10% of his salary to pay credit cards totaling $ 100. If his salary was increased by 20%, what amount should be paid to the credit card?

  • A. RM100
  • B. 120
  • C. RM160
  • D. RM200

Answer: B

Answering techniques:

10% of the total salary = RM100
100% salary = 100/20 x RM100 = 1,000
20% salary increase = 20/100 x 1,000
= RM200
= RM200 + 1,000
= $ 1,200

New credit card bill = 10% x $ 1,200
= 120


Time: 1 hour
Number of Questions: Three (3) questions select one (1)
Long essay: Number of words is not limited.

In this section the candidate submitted the issues that invite views on the problem. For example: "How to solve the problem of traffic congestion in Kuala Lumpur." Ratings are based on opinions of candidates compiled by clear, orderly and reasonable. The primary objective was to measure the candidate's creativity in mastering the Malay language.


Time: 1 hour
Number of Questions: Three (3) questions select one (1)
Long essay: Number of words is not limited.
The purpose of this section is to measure the creativity and abilities of candidates in English language proficiency. For example: "Electronic Government in Malaysia." Ratings are based on opinions of candidates compiled by clear, orderly and reasonable.


The following advice will hopefully help the candidates in the examination.

Objective questions
(The questions in Section A and B)

a. Candidates need to be aware that all candidates sitting this examination is from various academic fields. Questions submitted also covers all academic fields. Therefore, there are some questions that may be difficult to answer because certain individuals outside the field of specialization. Thus, if there are questions that can not be answered, candidates are advised not to waste time and continue to answer the next question. When time permits, go back to the question.

b. Objective questions are multiple choice questions where four (4) options submitted answers and the candidates have to choose one (1). Required to answer not only the right but the most accurate. When reading and reviewing all of the options put forward because that is required is the correct answer. By leaving thoughtful answers wrong answer options will be reduced and this can help in the process of selecting the right answer.

c. For the record the answers, candidates are supplied in a special form which will be processed by computers. It should be noted that candidates use 2B pencil only. If the hardware used, the answer candidate is not included because the computer can not process it. If the candidates have to make arrangements, and so the answer example, use another paper or book question. Form supplied is specifically designed for recording answers.

Essay questions
(The questions in Section C and D)

a. Essay questions in the two (2) sections, namely, C (Essay Bahasa Melayu) and Section D (English Essay). For each section, candidates must choose one (1) of three (3) questions.

b. The time allocated is 1 hour to answer each essay. Number of words in essay writing in Malay and English essay is not restricted.Candidates are given a long time writing an essay is to encourage thoughtful, well-organized presentation techniques as well as the arrangement of the words as possible. Writing to update and candidates are encouraged to use varied styles, in addition to the use of an extensive vocabulary and accurate. Candidates should also be able to present ideas clearly and maturity as well as an example of the right and proper. Therefore, candidates are advised to use at least ten (10) minutes to plan, making the answers and so before writing an essay.

Complete Guide and Tips Passed in PTD, Administrative and Diplomatic Officer.

Some tips to pass any exam is to prepare early. For example, if it is math exam, read through and review related to mathematics. If it malay, plenty of reading material or Malay-speaking scientific abreast.

PTD online exam, what will happen in the review?

If you go to a bookstore, you would not be able to find a suitable reference material for examination. However, do not worry because there is a group that provides specialized reference materials for examination. This group was known as Tim Infokerjaya. They have produced a comprehensive guide to pass the exam you can get by clicking the link below:

Accordingly, reference materials published by Tim Infokerjaya is in the form of an ebook that you can download and read at any time.

However, the guide is only available for a limited time in order to avoid too many successful candidates who will cause the intake quota exceeds the limit set.


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