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Penny Pincher-Best Way To Save Big Bucks

Updated on January 18, 2016


Get started on saving money right away!
Get started on saving money right away!

Money 101

Money doesn't grow on trees. Of course we learned that as our mother's followed us around the house, turning off lights, while yelling, "money doesn't grow on trees you know!" Follow these money saving techniques and make Mom proud!

  • Quit eating junk. In this world double burgers and double fries doesn't just add inches to your waste, it takes inches out of your wallet. A standard meal from a fast food place costs almost 10 dollars. Eating the calorie rich meals even once a week adds up to $40 a month, times 12 months out of the get the picture. Play it safe and spend that money towards groceries, or fruits and vegetables at the local farmer's market. Not only will you feel better, you'll be saving money and will have more energy to try out other money making techniques. Not to mention the cost of medical bills and life insurance goes way down the better shape you are in.

  • Invite friends over instead of going out. If you like to socialize at night a lot, the bar can get pretty expensive. Drinks are usually at a 300% mark up and then you have to tip, pay for the cab, etc. Why not have people over? Everyone can pitch in, be comfortable, and crash if they have had too much to drink. Also, cutting out bars and expensive dinners can save hundreds if not thousands a year.
  • Make coffee at home. I am the biggest hypocrite when it comes to this one. I used to love to stop every morning and buy my 5 dollar coffee on my way to work, and occasionally I can't resist a double chocolate mocha mess, but making your own coffee or tea at home really does save tons of money. Not to mention if you go through a drive-through you are wasting gas, time...brain cells. Just make coffee at home, you'll be surprised by the savings.

  • Wait 48 hours before you make a big purchase if not longer. I love nothing more than to do a good couple hours of online shopping, which is fine, as long as you are really sure that you need what you are buying. Do you already have 10 pairs of Levi's Jeans but you really want that pair with the dark wash fade? Think again. The $60 to $80 that you spend on those jeans you really don't need could be going into savings for your business. If you spend that amount once a month it really adds up. A special trick that I like to try? If I find something online I really like, I will go shop around thrift stores the next day to find the same thing or something similar. If after I haven't found what I want, it's been 48 hours and those cute jeans are still calling my name, then I will buy them. More often then not though, I can find a pair of designer jeans, lightly used for a fraction of the cost of new ones. There is nothing wrong with bargain hunting when it comes to clothes.
  • Quit smoking! Not only will you feel better but you will save so much money and time by doing this. Cigarette costs are going up and with every pack you buy you are burning a hole in your pocket, and your lungs. Save yourself and your finances and ditch the habit.
  • You aren't a nerd if you go see a movie during the day. It's about half the price, less crowded, and you can watch the movie in peace. An even better trick to saving money at the movies: bring your own snacks! No you aren't really suppose to, and of course the theatre workers know what's really in your Jan Sport backpack, but it's so worth it to save the $50 at the concession stand. Lights, camera, savings!

Applying some of these changes into your life can be hard. I know it better than anyone. It would be great if we could buy what we want, when we want, but we can't. The world doesn't work that way, and we all need to start saving somewhere. Don't beat yourself up if you go out for a nice dinner or a movie date at night, just don't make a habit of doing it often. When you're able to buy your first house before the age of 30, your friends will understand.


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