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People That Do Not Tip For Delivery Services Are Cheap!

Updated on January 6, 2018

With the new era of employment through miraculous apps like Uber, Lyft, GrubHub, Postmates, and many others, people have gone crazy making money on the side. All of them are great apps that provide employment for many people or simply provide extra money to help pay the bills.

Anyway, the problem with these apps is that it has created a society in which many forget to tip. See many of these services came with tipping for the longest time. For instance, taxi cab drivers get tips and so do all food delivery people. For some reason, less than half of the people that use these services through an app do not tip.

The world has become a world of freaking cheapskates. Back in the days, a server, delivery person, or a driver would get a tip. Even if the service was not great. This meant that the service had to be super bad in order for no tip to be given.

With services like Postmates, Uber, and others, many do not tip even when the service is excellent! This royally sucks! While the world has taken a cool turn with this kind of work being more acceptable, society itself has also become cheap.

Its understandable that people use these services way more since they have become very affordable, but not tipping at the end. Something is wrong! If one has a person go shopping for them, usually done with Postmates, a tip would be a nice courtesy of showing appreciation. I mean when a person goes grocery shopping for a stranger with a super cheap pay, that is something wonderful. So, a tip would be awesome for that person who just did a job for very cheap.

See through Postmates, many of these workers depend on these tips to make an decent amount per hour. Otherwise, it kind of sucks royally! So, people that do not have the courtesy to tip at least $1 for a delivery or ride service, those people are straight up cheap! The only time when it is OK not to tip is when service was completely horrible or when a high surge charge is implied.



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