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Personal Coaching – The Key to Making Better and More Powerful Life Choices

Updated on September 16, 2011

Although there are some people who believe that our lives are dictated entirely by fate and that they are mapped out according to some kind of great cosmic blueprint, most of us are highly conscious of the power that we ourselves have to control our paths through life. We understand that every decision and choice that we make could either change the directions of our lives forever or cause us to become stuck in the same old place repeating the same old patterns of behavior. Even with this understanding though, it can still be extremely hard to make good and powerful life choices which contribute to our happiness and well-being, which is why many people seek guidance through personal coaching.

For some individuals, making bold, life-changing and healthy choices seems to come quite naturally, while for others there is a strong tendency to stick within their comfort zones and to make the same poor choices repeatedly. In most cases though, we tend to have particular areas of our lives where we consistently do one thing or the other. A person who makes healthy, rational choices in relation to his or her career, for example, might find themselves making the same bad relationship choices over and over again. In terms of the latter, it’s not that they are gluttons for punishment, but that they fail to recognize the patterns in their behavior, don’t understand what drives them to make similar choices time and time again or expect to get different results next time around – the latter of which, incidentally, is considered by many to be the definition of insanity.

Life is complicated. As we are growing up, not only are we exposed to numerous influences, some of which are better than others, but we also develop our own ways of coping and dealing with both good situations and bad. As we do so, we unconsciously set up patterns of behavior which we still rely on as adults. The trouble is though, that very often those same behaviors and the choices from which they spring are no longer relevant or even appropriate later on in life. We stick with them, however, because they make us feel safe, despite not contributing anything positive or valuable to our lives.

For some of the people who seek help and guidance through personal coaching, fear is at the root of indecision or sticking with the same unhelpful choices. For others, however, much of the problem stems from not understanding who they are as individuals, the things that they value and what is relevant at this particular point in their lives. These issues can often be difficult to assess when we become locked in our own subjective thoughts, but they typically become much clearer with the help of personal coaching as this provides the ability to see things from different perspectives. When we come to understand the answers to some of the bigger questions such as who we are and who and what we want in our lives, then not only does it become easier to make healthy choices in relation to the bigger issues that we all have to face from time to time, but we also learn to instinctively make better choices in relation to the small stuff.

Personal coaching isn’t just a great tool for helping those who have problems with making healthy and productive choices, and in fact personal coaches can provide expert guidance and support across a whole range of issues which affect our daily lives.

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by Julie-Ann Amos, professional writer, and owner of international writing agency

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