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My Personal Experience on Starting a Modest Internet Business from Home

Updated on July 27, 2011

Why Not Work for Yourself?

Of course having a steady job working for someone else and having a steady paycheck is a good thing. But have you ever thought about becoming the captain of your own ship to be your own boss?

That's what I did when I transited from my well paying but ultimately not fulfilling job to start my own home internet business. The journey have been challenging and satisfying at the same time. My humble insight is that being able to take action is as important as believing in your own success.

I would like to share the things had inspired and helped me along in my journey. I hope to see you on your journey soon.

Richard St. John compacts seven years of research into an unmissable 3-minute TED Presentation on the Secrets of Success (Hint: Passion, persistence, and pushy

Learning from the Experience of Other Successful People

Here are some of the favorite gurus that have shown me how to reach higher and have fun doing it.

I've listed some of the books, movies and videos that have inspired and moved me to take positive action. They just might help the greatness that have always been present in you to shine through.

Books that Show Me the Way

The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life
The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life

Buffet advice is to focus and find a really long ski slope and start rolling your snowball.


The Power of Books

Imagine being able to tap into the thoughts of happy and successful that you admire? This is the power that books bring.

For those budding investors and businessman out there I strongly recommend "The Snowball" an autobiography that is officially endorsed by the enigmatic & seemingly eccentric Warren Buffet.

Learn how the legendary businessman and successful investor, Mr Warren Buffett became one of the richest man in the world. Experience the world and have a glimpse of the world through the eyes of Oracle of Omaha from his enterprising childhood days of bottle caps collecting, to his quirky interactions with the people that have enriched his life.

Anthony Robbins changed my life. I know it is a cliche by what Tony says about taking charge by understanding how our mind and body works has made a huge difference in my whole attitude towards life's challenges, to enjoy the process of life. I listen to his audio CDs nearly everyday and his empowering and infectious enthusiasm, was instrumental in in my journey to find my inner purpose and feel the thrill of putting in massive action to fulfill my choosen destiny.

If you have enjoyed the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" stories collections co-authored by Jack Canfield that you'll enjoy learning about Jack's "Success Principles". This book is filled to the brim with practical success strategies that all of us can take, and sprinkled with a generous dose of Jack Canfield's trademark inspirational stories. You got to learn the "Success Principles" so you can be success in your life.

Do You Know Why Movies are So Great?

If you are starting your own business or embarking on a personal challenge then you'll know that your state of mind is of the utmost importance.

Here's a list of my favorite movies that not only inspires me but reminds me of the importance things in life. Everyone of them shows me determination, commitment and heart will always triumph over life's challenges both big and small.

Have you watched "Bucket List"? My philosophy in life is that you got to make watching an inspiring movie like this part of your real bucket list of ToDos to achieve in your life.

Next your should watch "Wanted" and feel the adrenalin rush when you take charge of your life and be all that you have ever dream of.

Movies that Inspires Action

The Bucket List [Blu-ray]
The Bucket List [Blu-ray]

Let two unlikely friends teach you about how to Learn to Live your Life with Passion & Courage.


Ways to Monetize Your Home Internet Business

Any business endeavour is a learning process to discover what works for the individual and then to focus on it. 

On hindsight, looking back on the detours that I took in my entrepreneur journey. I would recommend for a newbie to start part-time with community micro-sites like Squidoo or HubPages which have great community support to help green horns learn the ropes.

Website Review Advice from the Official GoogleDeveloper on How to "Help" Google to Send More traffic to you

When you have some unique web content that is getting steady moderate streams of traffic, you can then think about how to monetize existing content. The best way to start the monetization process is to join trusted and establish affiliate programs like the Amazon Associates Affiliate program and the LinkShare affiliate program which partners with Apple and many other well known companies. If your Hubpages or Niche websites are getting significant traffic then its probably the right time to sign up for Google's Adsense program to show Google Ads on your sites and earn from visitors clicking on these online advertisements.

Learn About HTML5 and the Future of the Web

Share Your Journey Experiences

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