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Personnel Management Defined

Updated on November 7, 2009


                    Personnel Management Defined

The success or failure of any organization in business and industry depends on how human resources is managed. No organization can be effective without personnel management.

Personnel management is defined as the process of creating conditions under which people can perform work to achieve known objectives with maximum efficiency. It is a code of ways and an art of managing, handling, controlling, staffing and directing.

Each individual is unique. No two persons are exactly the same. Therefore, your approach should also differ from one another. As the saying goes "There is no one best method, only the best manager. This pertains to the different approaches a manager should consider. The following will help a would-be manager in his or her management task.

1.    Behavior Approach

Job performance is affected by one's behavior and attitude towards work and his or her social behavior. The kind of approach given is based on the instructions grasped. Properly motivated persons contribute to the improvement of the system.

2.   Scientific Approach

Frederick Taylor and Frank and Lilian Gilbreth pioneered the step by step procedure in accomplishing the job efficiently. They identified several scientific-oriented, well-trained and organized individuals. They they monitored the step-by-step procedure employed by their subjects.

3.   Systems Approach

Managing a firm is a total system wherein all activities performed are put together to constitute a unified whole.

4.   Contingency Approach

Actions are done depending on the needs of the situation.



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