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Plan Your Recruiting Process Wisely

Updated on April 21, 2013

A standard recruiting process is important, but they are not all it takes to ensure the fact that you really hire the best possible job seeker Good resumes are often made or reviewed by professionals and, in what concerns interviews, everybody tries to make the best impression.

Take into consideration a careful planning of your recruiting process and some tips that will benefit your company on the long run and will help you select the most appropriate employees.

Here are some recommendations on how to transform your recruiting and screening process so that it provides best results:

  • Before posting a job announcement take some time to determine the job description. Plan a meeting with people that might help you with this task: the manager, HR professionals, one manager that is not directly involved, but comes into contact with the new employee, etc. They are all people who might have useful suggestions regarding the qualities the right candidate should have.
  • Take into consideration the job specification form you have developed and the personal experience of employees who are/have been on the same position. Determine what qualities or characteristics (level of education, previous experience, etc) the right candidate should have. Prioritize these characteristics in order to help the HR in the process of screening incoming application forms. This prioritization will also help in conceiving a clear job announcement.
  • Don’t forget to ask for referrals from current employees, if you believe it might be of help, and refer them to the job posting.
  • Name someone to conduct the interviews and develop a plan for the interview and for the next steps.
  • Come up with some well thought questions that will help the HR recruiter perform a successful telephone screening of the candidates.
  • Determine the topics and the questions that people conducting the interview should have in mind. If it is relevant for the job, plan role plays or ask the candidates to provide solutions for potential problems or ideas for improving certain processes. Each interviewer should focus on only one aspect regarding the candidate. For instance, one should evaluate the technical capabilities while another one should pay attention to communication skills.
  • Develop a test for job seekers if this can turn out relevant. In order to save time, only give the test to the ones that make it to the final phase of the recruiting process. Make sure it is standardized and everybody receives the same test and is evaluated in the same manner.
  • Develop a list of questions for the candidate/candidates which have successfully passed the interview and the test. Each interviewer should ask questions that will asses those qualities that were determined as being of uttermost importance in the candidate.

Having an effective recruiting process will only provide benefits for the company. You can make sure that only the best job seekers become employees and you will save yourself a lot of trouble in the long run.


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