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Playing Their Hate

Updated on May 25, 2021


"Hmmmm..." I go as if I'm actually considering the stupid idea, waiting for ten pairs of eyes to hit me.

"I suppose we could..." I say with a nod.

The stupid idea was now voted down because I had appeared to support it.

Yes, you read correctly.

Whatever I support, they will be against. Hence, the most efficacious way to get what I want was to 'support' the opposing position.

As long as the other board members didn't catch on to what I was doing I'd always get my way.

This is the power of hate.

The Power of Hate

People may walk a mile to buy the person they love a present.

But people will walk a mile in the snow, barefoot, if they know they will hurt the person they hate.

There is nothing more powerful than hate.

Know this; hate is so all encompassing that once it catches you, every reaction is based on that feeling. You can't control yourself.

You may be shocked by the words that come out of your mouth, by the behaviour you have just displayed, it was all unconscious, all provoked by hate.

For hate is overwhelming, controlling and once it is inside of you, it takes real effort to excrete it.

When people hate you they do things to hurt you. They do things that are not in their interest because they can't help themselves. They can't park their hate long enough to have rational thought.

Hate rules.

Learning the Trick

Before I learned the trick I would speak myself hoarse.

I would present all sorts of authorities to prove why I my position was correct. This never really worked. I might get one or two working brains to at least consider my proposals, but it was a gross waste of time.

My position would be voted down, my ideas thrown in the trash.

I learned a fantastic lesson; people do not vote for, they vote against.
People do not support, they attack.

Although you will get the occasional person with a fully operational brain who will balance pros and cons and put aside any feelings they may have for the proposer, , the majority of the population is made up of those who, in a past life, shouted Give us Barabbas!

How it Works

You can begin with an honest assessment. However, if the group hates you, they will only listen so that they can attack.

Having experienced this, I become more devious. I learn how to say;

"Well, most people will say that Tom is ..... "

and put out a few absolutely true points, hoping someone may say, "Yeah, I'm most people," or something that suggests that they agree with the point.

When I don't get a response, or when I see them bristle, I almost apologetically
say, "But I find Tom to be..." and say the exact opposite of 'most people'.

(If you haven't noticed I've taken both sides of the argument)

This invariably works to push the listeners into the 'Most People' category as anything I'm for they have to be against.

This is why Tom gets the position or the contract. Because I 'opposed' it.

Cutting His Own Throat

Some years ago, I joined a group which was led by a rather shabby intellect who
spent his time lauding it over others as if he had some special dispensation.

Privately I knew he was an adulterous drunk who so believed his own hype that
he assumed he could get away with anything.

He was a total disaster, and I wanted him gone. However, I knew that everyone was more against me than anything else in the world. (Yeah, I have that ability).

I decided that instead of dealing with him as he deserved, I would become a booster. I would always have something great to say about him.

It didn't take long for everyone to begin to question his ability and decide to replace him. But I continued to support him.

When his replacement arrived I found a lot of flaws, which, of course, kept the
majority fighting tooth and nail to defend the Replacement.

As anything I am for, they must be against, the guy I was supporting turned against me and supported his replacement!

This is the Power of Hate!


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