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Poetry and business

Updated on February 13, 2011

Slogans can be poetic

Poetry is useful in many ways. It is a form of communication that can be used for business reasons. For example, if you have a business and you need a website, you can write a short slogan or tagline near your logo that rhymes or is otherwise poetic.

This can be more memorable than basic slogans and shows some imaginatively. It can put a smirk on your customer's face if they like your poetic slogan, which may put them in a more positive mood or allow them to have a favorable insight on your products. Happy customers can result in better sales.

Poetic descriptions of products

Poetic descriptions of business products or services can set a business apart from others that show little effort in brining excitement to their products or services. Interesting descriptions bring about a mystery that people feel the need to find more out about.

Think about major coffee shops and how they name their drinks. I think they are almost poetic. The name alone impels the curious nature of people to want to try the drink, even if it cost $5 for a small portion.

Why not motivate employees using poetry?

Poetry to motivate employees

Poetry can be used for contests a business may hold, to set a riddle for people to figure out. Poetry can be used in a Zen-like manner as method to keep employees motivated and stress free. Such Zen-like poetry can improve the mindsets of employees so they can be more productive and happy.

Talking to a happy representative over the phone is always much more satisfying than talking to someone who is abrupt or in a bad mood.

Use poetry carefully

Poetry should not be overused in business, as people may not take your products or services seriously. People will think you are crazy if you only talk in prose and every other line in your emails rhyme. It can also be a lot of work thinking of how to make things poetic, so use your time wisely.

Getting the right amount of poetic themes in your business can really make a difference in how your business operates.


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