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Posting Poetry Online

Updated on April 22, 2011

Use the Web to Increase Your Readership

Poetic Postings

 With the advent of the Internet, poets have numerous choices for posting their poetry online.  Poets can post in a variety of formats on various platforms across the Internet.  The online opportunities seem to keep growing and expanding each and every day.

Take some time to explore the many places where you can post poetry.  Use the Internet to your advantage and increase your readership.  Spend some time sharing your poetry across the numerous platforms available to you today.

Populate the Web with Your Poetry

 Use the Web to post your poetry.

Got a blog? Be sure to post elements of your poetic style throughout your blog.  Join forums and groups online.  Be sure to post your best work.

Go to other poetic sites and add comments.  Identify how to coordinate and collaborate with other poets for a blog tour. Be sure to visit relevant sites to identify some of the best practices for poetry postings.


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