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Practical Sales Jobs Hurt in the Holidays

Updated on December 23, 2012

Commissioned Sales Can Rocket or Plummet with the Holidays

I dread the holidays for reasons beyond those of running up more debt to buy expensive gifts for those who need them most. Dread the lack of communication with the guy who promised me he'd make the purchase just before he left for a month with family in Minnesota. Wish the purchasing agent that promised getting me in front of the team that was going to make the decision...long before the first turkey was carved for the season. Those months may have past for this season - follow this guide for next year and get ahead of the game.

From somewhere near mid- November until about January 15th, if you don't sell in a big box store, or if you depend on someone who controls a budget to release funds to make a capital purchase - just about forget making a dime during the "Holidays." But that is why you were supposed to be working the other 10 months of the year, right? Of course, that's the ticket.

I did. I have. For every year in the past 33, I did work the other 10 months and found the excuses from the buyers easier to overcome in those other months. But that last 50 days and first fifteen of the next year - just don't work much. UNLESS you happen to service the Federal Government. Many of these people just got their budgets a month or so ago and are flush with cash! On top of that - since Christmas is a dirty word in a government office - at least Federal Government for now - you can count of the folks there to still be interested in seeing what you have to sell...almost.

Problem is that since I don't qualify under any of the advantaged groups (yes, that is what they are) I may as well make snow angels in the mud by the lake. I am non-ethnic, straight, male, non-veteran (God bless those who are), have all my body parts (again, God bless those who don't) and my kids are grown, and gainfully employed - so no special support from Uncle Sammy.

So what to do?

Remember the Reason for the Season!

It may be that I need some time to look around at all the great things, the happy things that are going on around me. I need to smile, sing and make merry with the friends I have spent time with over the past several months - relish the great things that are happening for them and for my family.

My health is good - for a fat guy - and we are still kicking! I had a good enough year and look forward to a better one in 2012. We all look forward to a better year in 2012. I know there are things that need done around the house - and I'm not going to be that busy - so if my wife isn't looking, maybe I'll surprise her with some of that getting fixed.

I am thankful for all the good things that have happened in 2011. I can't list them all - but I do hope you enjoy thinking about some of the good things you have going and relish the idea that even though you aren't going to make budget in 2011, 2012 is just around the corner!

God Bless everyone - and Happy Thanksgiving!

The Inventurist.


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