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Elements of a Successful Presentation and Paper

Updated on October 17, 2011

Elements of a Good Presentation

FInal Presentation and Paper Guidelines

Operations Management 300

Final Presentation and Paper Guidelines as taken from the Grading Rubric


A collaborative presentations are widely used in the business world. The presentation will be a study of an organization and the operations management tools and concepts that are utilized. You must describe fully one concept or tool from the text and relate it to a specific business. Examples of organizations utilized in previous semesters are: Dion’s Pizza, Starbucks, Netflix, Whole Foods, Flying Star, and others. NO STARBUCKS allowed this semester! Be creative in the businesses that you select, as the more interesting the presentation, the better the grade. Be sure to fully research the topic, and the business.

The group size is limited to 4 members and each member must make part of the presentation. The presentation must be no longer than 15 minutes as time is money in the business world! Be prepared to ask and answer questions. Professional dress is required. Grading points will be deducted if professional dress standards are not adhered to.

The presentation must be no longer than 15 minutes as time is money in the business world!

The following are the elements of a successful presentation.

Business dress is required for presentation. The presentations will be graded down if the students are not professionally dressed for the type of business being presented. Headgear is not presentation dress. The purpose of the presentation is to sell the material and in the business world this means that the presenter caters to the audience.


Student presents information in logical, interesting sequence which audience can follow.

Content Knowledge

Student demonstrates full knowledge (more than required) by answering all class questions with explanations and elaboration.


Student's graphics explain and reinforce screen text and presentation. Student is encouraged to use the Internet and business web sites during presentation. Student should be mindful that presentation should not be overwhelmed by the Internet and business websites. Creativity within a framework of professional context is encouraged. Use of the web is encouraged.


Presentation has no misspellings or grammatical errors.

Eye Contact

Student maintains eye contact with audience, seldom returning to notes.


Student uses a clear voice and correct, precise pronunciation of terms so that all audience members can hear presentation.

Business Analysis Paper

Each team will, in addition to the presentation to the class, turn in a five page paper about the organization that was studied and the tools and concepts that were applied. Normal sized type and spacing must be used.

The paper will include the salient information from the presentation.

The following are the elements of a successful presentation.

Organization & Development of Ideas

Clear introduction states thesis, purpose and organization of paper

Thesis clear and well-developed

Logical arguments and analysis are easy to follow

Thorough understanding of topic

Significant evidence of author’s original thinking (e.g. persuasive synthesis of information)

Conclusion (when needed) is clear and comprehensive

Tone & Word Choice

Tone consistently professional

Word choice precise, correct and appropriate

Spelling & Punctuation

Very few errors (ave. less than 1 per page)

Errors do not interfere with communication

Grammar, Sentence & Paragraph Structure

Sentence structure makes paper easy to read

Each paragraph contains a topic sentence

Paragraphs are focused and coherent

Quotations add value

Quotations are integrated seamlessly

Sources & References

Where appropriate, sources for all facts, quotations and ideas are properly indicated.

Sources consistently support author’s points

Appropriate variety of sources

Sources noted as appropriate


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    • patrick489 profile image


      6 years ago

      I really enjoyed the information in this article. In addition, i would say their are 5 main issues regarding a good presentation.

      1) Slide Cohesiveness: The hardest thing about presentations is making sure that everything looks clean. Keeping all the slides uniform is incredibly important. In order to help this process along you should always brainstorm your presentations as well. Be prepared to use your words if you start to lose audience interest.

      2) Color: Using colors together and creating color schemes is a good tool to promote emotions that are going to make your presentation more enjoyable.

      3) Focus: Focus is one of the most important things about any good presentation. The focus of a presentation is the overall message or tone that you are trying to create.

      4.) Animations should be used sparingly: Use animations at points in the slides that matter the most. By limiting the amount of animations on a slide, you can ensure their effect is noticed, and people are taking more interest in what you are saying.

      5.) Expand: Don't just use the standard everyday clip art that's available on most computers. Use images from the internet to draw more attention. Expand on your thoughts in the presentation with information that you have learned and inst in the presentation.

      Remember, the most important thing about any presentation is that it's targeted for your audience. The difference between a great presentation and a great presenter is that the great presenter will take the time to research his or her audience and get to know them before putting his information together.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Jordan Cooper Op. 300-001

      The paper and project where a great way to develop skills in presenting, and understanding how a particular element of operations management effects a business. We focused on servitization in relation to a local gym. Getting to know how to properly develop and implement a service package is vital to the creation of any service based organization.

    • Varissa profile image


      6 years ago from Albuquerque, NM

      After receiving the feedback on my presentation from this class, I think that I would need to use flashcards next time (organize my thoughts). Even though I made sure to make eye contact and not mumble, my thoughts can race 1,000 a minute. This can cause me to overlook topics that I wanted to highlight or spend too much time talking about an irrelevant subject.

      These are great tips though! They can be used in any class, no matter what subject it is.

    • profile image


      6 years ago from Albuquerque

      A very well presented presentation is practiced at least 5-10 times or until fully confident on the material being presented. Knowing everything you will say is essential to being 100 percent up on stage letting your audience know you know what your talking about. The way you dress also let's the audience know your well groomed and are confident in yourself.

    • Charles Cordova profile image

      Charles Cordova 

      6 years ago

      The information in this article is a great resource to use for the final presentation. Over the course of a college degree, all students need to take a number of courses relating to the information in this article (expository writing, oral communication, etc.). Those classes often cover the subjects to such an in-depth extent that it is hard to distinguish which elements are most applicable to a given project. By having the grading elements laid out and summarized in one place, students working on their final projects are given a powerful resource they can use as a starting point for further organizational development. It also means that there will be no surprises for the final presentation grade.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Every presentation had it's own style to it for the most part. Which made it easier to pay attention to them. Had they all been the same I would have fallen asleep for sure. Even though most of these guidelines are common sense it's shocking how hard it is to get all of them consistently into a presentation. I always try to cut the word "uh" out when I'm talking. I couldn't tell you how many times I heard it. We don't even realize that we're saying it sometimes.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      All these things presented are helpful for any kind of presentation. I do think that the most important one is contextual knowledge. If the presenter does not fully know or understand what they are talking about, it can turn out badly. Delivery of the information is also very important because even if you don't know the material as well as you should, you can have the body language to make it seem like you do.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I believe that all of these are great ideas for presenting, but what about people who go off the beaten path and make their presentation different? Dont you think it will leave a lasting impression on the people being presented to?

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      This post helped my group develop our presentation flow. i think it is always important to have a set ground rules of layout and ideas of how a presentation should be.

      Presentations need to have structure and flow and should always be professional and concise.

      Thanks for uploading this post it really helped with my groups presentation direction!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      These are excellent tips and they are very useful. I think our group maybe should have followed these a little better than what we did, but we will be alright. The presentations are going to be more difficult now that they are only 10 minutes long. I feel we will be a little more rushed now, but I think that we can handle it and everything will be fine.

    • profile image

      Conor Berg 

      6 years ago

      All of this information is very useful, especially for the upcoming presentation. You make it very clear that there are many different aspects of a presentation that need to be done right to be successful. Things like eye contact, delivery, dress, and proper use of graphics are very important parts of a presentation. As far as the paper goes, you hit on a couple key points that I try to follow when writing. Using the proper tone and word choice throughout a paper are necessary to engage readers. However, organization and flow is the most important part of a paper to me. If a paper isn't structured properly and information is scattered all over the place with no apparent flow, it has no chance for success.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Presenting a paper can be difficult and some people are not as good at presenting as others, but we have all been in class for 16 weeks and we all have to do it. Its just nice to have reached the end. The information helps me to prepare for our presentation and to remember to speak loud, clear, and consice. Also its important for the eye contact and to not look at notes too much because that make the audience think that you are not prepared. When I present I tend to speak to fast and when im done I realize I only took 1 minute to explain something that should have taken 5 minutes.

    • amata01 profile image


      6 years ago from New Mexico

      This really does show or give an overview of what the professor expects.

      I hope our group meets these expectations. Good luck to everyone.

    • amata01 profile image


      6 years ago from New Mexico

      Good information. I really hope I don't choke when I present.

      Thanks for the good tips. :)

    • profile image

      Kar Shin Teo 

      6 years ago from Seremban

      These information are very useful for everyone of us that is preparing for the presentation, I never realize that they are so many sections that we need to pay attention during our presentation. I think that during the presentation, one important aspect is to stay calm. Usually I think many presenters get nervous when they need to speak in front of many people. The content of the presentation couldn't be delivered well to all students if the presenters are too nervous.

      Great Article! Thank you!

    • profile image

      Shane TR 

      6 years ago

      This posting was very interesting to me I have had to do so many presentations and was never given any kind of information like this. The only parts I knew were to come dressed in business dress. Also that whenever you are doing public speaking it is good to engage and interact with the audience and this cannot be done by looking away from them and pretending they do not exist! Thanks for posting it wish it was something that would of been given to me much earlier in my academic life!

    • amanley profile image


      6 years ago

      This helped our group know what you were looking for in our presentations, we hope that ours meets your requirements! Thanks for posting this!

    • Amy Xuan profile image

      Amy Xuan 

      6 years ago

      Very Useful!!!

      A good-prepared presentation is very important. Sometimes?though your ideas are excellent and creative, poor presentations will make audience feel bored and destroy your good ideas. Conversely, a good presentation can better deliver your opinions and attract more attention!!!

    • dbluehorse profile image


      6 years ago from Albuquerque, NM

      The information addressed in this reading is helpful for preparation in creating a presentation. I like the quote, "time is money". In the business world, you have to be on your toes an expect the unexpected. I'm sure that all of us (students) have one time or another viewed shows that were organized/unorganized, prompt/late, prepared/unprepared, effective/ineffective communication, etc. A checklist helps to keep on track and to include all the details requested by the reader/instructor/CEO or even Stakeholders. Impromptu speaking is done in less that 3-5 minutes so a presentation has to capture the interest of your audience at the forefront and continue with details that will keep their attention. In team projects such as this, it is helpful to practice your presentation, so that a smooth transition of speakers occurs and that everyone on the team is comfortable speaking. Q&A engages the audience with the speaker(s), so this gives a better perspective on positive feedback and additional information as well as resources. This information is helpful and I plan to add it to my resources. Great article!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Very helpful!!

    • Frank Lucero profile image

      Frank Lucero 

      7 years ago

      There are many techniques to giving a good presentation. Being prepare is essential to effectiveness of the massage that is trying to be conveyed. The work and time that is put into the presentation is always unique when working in group. One thing to keep in mind is to be reassured what technique you have is a important.

    • PARASMART profile image

      Bruce Peterson 

      7 years ago from Lompoc

      Very neatly written and organized. Good info for anyone who has to give a visual presentation.


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