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Private Jets: The Safer, More Convenient Way To Travel In Our New Normal World

Updated on January 7, 2021
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Cindy discovered this method of travel while planning for her own personal vacation. The solution she found was so surprising, she want.

Post-Pandemic Restrictions Mean Fewer Passengers and Higher Ticket Prices for Commercial Air Travel

In these post-pandemic times, major airline companies can no longer pack travellers into each flight like sardines in a can. Most are scaling back on the number of non-peak flights and raising ticket prices to compensate for this loss of revenue.

Not to mention that most travellers would rather avoid waiting in public airports and crowded boarding gates due to the health risks alone.

So, what are your options when air travel can't be cancelled or delayed? Is there an easier way?


Book a private flight, instead!

Think private jets are strictly for the rich and famous? think again! Now, more than ever, private airlines are catering to business and leisure travelers with lower prices, package deals and a whole slew of ammenities to make your trip perfect.

There may be more reasons than you think to consider flying a private jet next time you travel.

A private charter offers perks you’ll never find on a major airline:

  • You will have the luxury of departing and arriving closer to your own schedule needs and
  • No extra time going through security checkpoints or sitting around a crowded airport waiting for a flight.
  • During the flight, you will be treated to spacious comfortable seating and restaurant quality snacks and meals.
  • You can fly into a smaller airport closer to your destination and skip the extra hassle of finding and paying for a cab from a major airport further away.

Private Charter Rentals For Business or Personal Travel

For the same price of a business class or first class ticket, you can enjoy flying in comparative luxury. Companies are catering more and more to the leisure and business traveler by offering amenities such as meal and snack menu choices, transportation arrangement and itinerary planning.

For instance, if you travel frequently for business, you could purchase a 'Jet Card' with a specific number of hours of flying time. You can use it to book flights with little advance notice until the hours are used up.

If you want to book a personal, one-time flight you might want to check the 'Empty Leg' flight schedules (empty seats on a flight returning from dropping off previous renters) for cheaper rates.

Companies offer perks such as concierge services, smoking or non-smoking flights, pets fly free, free Wi-Fi, discounts or passes for referring future guests.

Out With The Old...In With The New...

Freedom To Choose Your Own Schedule

When you fly commercial you are at the mercy of the airline's schedule. Privately, you can:

  • choose your own departure time.
  • Prepare for your trip at your leisure and arrive at your plane at a time that works for you.
  • Have the luxury of not having to spend three hours of your day just preparing to board a two hour flight.
  • The freedom to board when you choose-no standing in one line to check your luggage, then in another line to go through security, then wait until it’s time to board.

Affordability With Amenities Not Found on Commercial Flights

The price will largely depend on the type and size of the plane and the length of
time you need it. Most companies have fleets of aircraft from basic to ultra-luxurious for a range of prices. Other factors include how many crew members are needed, which airport you’re flying into and how many people will be traveling on the flight.

For instance, if you travel frequently for business, you could purchase a 'Jet Card' worth $125,000, and it will cover multiple flights. You can use it to book flights with little advance notice until the hours are used up.

If you want to book a personal, one-time flight you might want to check the 'Empty Leg' flight schedules (empty seats on a flight returning from dropping off previous renters) for cheaper rates.

Typically, a two hour, one way flight can start at just over $500 (which is about what you’d pay for a business class ticket) or run up to over $2000 for a longer flight and depending on any special accommodations requested.

The Final Take on Jet Travel?

All things considered, a private jet is very much worth the peace of mind and the
comforts it provides. In fact, why limit all this to business travel alone? Why not
consider a private jet next time you take the family on vacation or when you plan
your next company get-together? No matter what the reason for your travel, a private jet is the perfect choice. Your peace of mind is worth it!


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