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Private Label Uses and Tips

Updated on October 20, 2018
Juan Levenswaard profile image

Juan Robin II is an enthusiastic content marketing explorer, wondering in howfar article marketing is really outdated.

Ways that beginners can put into play

Internet marketing experts are making excellent livings all over the internet and when many of them claim they are not working 40 hours a week or even 20 hours a week or …. enfin you get the idea. One of the tools that they turn to is private label rights content. I may call it 'plr' further on ... For those who aren’t familiar with 'plr' the time is now to learn how you can use this content to generate an income that will get growing with some efforts from you.

Let’s look at a few ways that even beginners can put into play ...

  • Create Membership Sites - You can easily create interesting and fresh content every month using 'plr'. All you need to do is quickly edit the content in a way that makes it your own. The research is mostly already there and you just convert it into well researched material that your members will want to read. An affordable way to build credibility and expertise on your website.
  • Can Take it Offline - Not all businesses operate strictly online. In case you have a brick and mortar, business that you are trying to grow offline as well as online, you can use this content to create a printable newsletter or an eZine. Just add your personal flavor, mix the 'plr' content with other content linked to your business and you can get a lot of range. You can create a following that leads visitors directly to your store and works to help generate more revenue.
  • Create Class Content - You might do webinars or perhaps you have downloadable courses that you sell. You can either create content for your courses strictly using 'plr' content or you can add 'plr' content to your existing classes to add depth and give old courses a new twist.
  • Create a Sales Page - Knowing that when you are going to make money online you need at least enticing copy that’s going to get your visitors clicking the buttons. Creating desire and a call to action on a sales page can be a challenge for many copywriters. You can use keywords and keyword phrases through 'plr' content to grab the interest of your readers.

So, for now ... four simple ways to use public label rights to increase your revenue. All are easy and all have been proven to work by some of the better internet marketers.

Private Label Rights
Private Label Rights

Some bloggers use private label content

In case you are one of those bloggers that never seems to have enough time nor inspiration to get fresh content posted to their blog regularly, this is a good solution. You can take advantage of private label content. Eventualy just as a 'starting point' ... or inspiration.

Of course, ... it’s not quite that simple. It can be a very useful tool to develop your blog content. However, don’t confuse it with a solution that simply requires you to copy and paste, because it’s a little more than that.

When you buy this kind of content you don’t just get the text. You get the rights to claim the content as yours and use it in any manner you like.

For example - You can use it in your blog posts, make an eBook out of it, turn it into an audio format or make it a part of your eMail autoresponder series.

You may be a streetwise blogger and you probably are already recognizing what the problem is ... that you can buy the content for your website means everyone else can either, so what’s the point of you buying private label content when it’s likely published somewhere else.

Actually, it can save you a lot of time for as long as it is used the right way. Select good 'plr' or public label content to begin with and then modify it to suit your personal needs or your audience' standard.

You do not want to be using the same 'plr' content that have been circulating since the concept was developed. You’ve seen these websites with thousands of articles for few dollars. What were you expecting ??! They aren’t worth too much more than that as they were probably sold thousand times. Instead, look for 'plr' that is just recently developed, written by reputable authors, and published in limited circulations.

Turn Good Content Into Great Content

Don't want to just copy and paste the content that is sold. Even than when you aren’t with the idea that duplicate content leads to penalties, your own authority will suffer when your visitors see the same content in all kinds of different places. Instead, aim to change at least enough to make it better, which might not always be easy, yet ... aim.

Business Uses of Private Label Rights
Business Uses of Private Label Rights

Maximize benefits ...

Yes, ... you can hire a writer from one of the 'freelancer sites', yet over time, it gets relatively expensive, especially when you are not generating a solid income through product sales, affiliate sales or AdSense.

Here are some helpful tips to make sure you;ll be able to get the most out of your private label rights content ....

  • The most common way to use 'plr' articles is to provide useful and interesting content for your website. However, don’t forget about all the other useful things you can do with your 'plr' content. Maybe you need some type of an incentive so that you can get people to sign up for your monthly newsletter. You might want to offer an "How to eBook" or you’d even like to present a training manual. It doesn’t matter what your focus is, because it is very easy for you to tweak the content so that it’s relevant to what your website needs are and what your audience is expecting from you.
  • You can give things a whole new look just by blending.This can be really helpful when you find you have content that isn't strong enough to "stand out". Content is not all created equally. Sometimes it is too obvious that the writer was not having an inspirational moment when he or she wrote it. Sometimes you want something that’s way longer and bringing together two or more articles can easily accomplish this. Blending ...

Private label content offers you an affordable method to always have interesting and relevant content available for your website visitors.

I sincerely hope this article was informative and inspiring, wishing you all the best with your online explorations

© 2018 Juan Robin II Levenswaard


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