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Problem Solving

Updated on April 11, 2013

Problem Solving Questions

Describe why problem solving has become so important in technologically-enhanced environments.

Increasing technology is now an important part in educational settings. Many researches have focused on studies on the differences between distance learning and that of face-to-face learning. Today, the trend is how technology can be utilized more effectively so that learning is optimized. There are various learning process models that demonstrate both the learning and thinking processes in technology-enhanced environments. Problem-solving is important because there are stages where one needs to reckon with these environments. Stages such as generalization, focusing, application and consolidation are necessary so that learners are introduced to different materials of learning in the on-line environment, focus on understanding it, applying more creativity to the problem and consolidating knowledge by summarizing lessons learned.

Recommend problem solving techniques that your company can use to increase productivity and quality.

The management of my company is responsible for bringing people into the organization, helping them perform their work, compensating them for their labors, and solving problems that arise. Consequently, they play a central role in organizational effectiveness. The managers should be vitally concerned with the rewards system and the human, material and capital resources of the enterprise need to be managed effectively and efficiently. The practice of management requires foresight, intellectual skill, conceptual insight into business realities and judgment. Every business, from the most successful to the most troubled, does some things very right. The most important part of the reinvention process is identifying these things that one does so well – from the simplest office procedure. They need to be able to use as many management perspectives and problem-solving in order to reinvent their organizations. Lessons one learns from these management theories will enable a top manager to keep his company going, expand his client base, market his products more effectively and grow beyond knee-jerk responses and conventional wisdom (Newham, 2005).

Describe a Problem (Personal or Work related) that you were recently faced with. Describe the Process you used to define and describe that problem.

The company was recently faced with motivational issues where the employees were not really motivated to do their work well. Management tried to identify the problem and found out that the employees were now becoming stressed out because of fatigue and too many overtime that taxed their health. So management assessed that this was not healthy for the company either and decided to give a treat to the employees so that they will be inspired once again.

Using the Problem you descried above, what Process did you use to determine the best or Optimum Solution?

For the employees, the management applied the appreciation strategy and enhanced motivation by increasing rewards. Opportunity grows when they are involved in the decision-making process. The end by which the employees come to be empowered and happy such that they produce efficiently and work diligently, and even more so when this translates to attaining part of the objectives of the business, is the value that the company gets from human resource management. Another aspect of this approach is it its risk-reducing component. Risk reduction is defined as the process of identifying potential problems and crises and then developing strategies to reduce the impact of these risks.


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