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What Problems Does Employees Face During Open Enrollment?

Updated on November 25, 2015

As the term Open Enrollment continues to give chills down the spine for majority of employers, the need to comply with the federal rules and regulations further add up to the all time high complexities that it already possess. The fact that further complicates that process is the employees’ reluctance towards participating in the process. But what is it that makes them unwilling to take part enthusiastically?

Here are some of the issues that employers face from their employees’ side during open enrollment.

Problem #1: Employees are not fully prepared


Majority of the employees don’t just bother to understand what open enrollment means to them and how are they going to benefit. They take it as yet another company process. This is generally because all the information is fed to them at the last moment which make them panic. With the lack of knowledge, they find the process extremely complex, having to fulfill several formalities and fill never-ending forms.


The best way to make the most out of open enrollment is to start early. This will give enough time for the HR professionals as well as employees to get fully prepared with all the necessary documents and formalities to be submitted during the process. Also, make sure that proper care is taken to deliver the knowledge in parts and each participant understands what you are trying to convey.

Problem #2: They don’t know what choices they have


Some employees, in lack of information on the benefits choices, end up choosing a wrong or inappropriate health policy for them and their family. The result of such a decision has its significant effect on the policy holder as all his medical requirements are not fulfilled by the policy s/he possess in his/her hand. Moreover, he/she is stuck with the policy for the entire year.


ACA keeps updating its rules and regulations and this is something that every participant must be informed about well in advance so that employees can select what they actually require. Try different ways to inform all your employees about the changes, like emails, posters, seminars, meetings, etc. You can also help them understand different plans so that they can make wiser decisions.

Problem #3: How are they going to benefit from the entire process?


Majority of the employees don’t have any idea about what open enrollment means to them and how is it going to affect their medical requirements. Thus, they fail to take full advantage of this opportunity and are in turn dissatisfied with the process at the end.


It is the responsibility of the employers to educate their employees about the benefits by conducting various workshops and one-to-one meetings. Also, maintain a two-way communication while keeping it as transparent as it can be. This will keep them engaged and motivated to participate in the upcoming open enrollment.

Problem #4: The entire process is somewhat frustrating


With various forms to be filled (some information a number of times) and numerous formalities to be fulfilled, open enrollment often frustrates employees to a considerable level. This makes them considerably hesitant towards the whole process.


This can be easily sorted out by adopting TeemWurk benefits administration solution which can easily be integrated with other existing organizational solutions, so that the need to fill same information again and again is eliminated. Furthermore, by providing a mobile ben admin solution, employers give their employees an opportunity to consult their family members too and make selection with their consent from any geographical location at their ease.

By understanding your employees’ frustration reasons and problems faced during open enrollment, employers are sure to experience a much smoother and fruitful open enrollment than ever. Remember, if your employees are satisfied with what they are receiving, they are surely to be more motivated and better performers too.


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