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The Consumer-Friendly Business Directory

Updated on June 30, 2010

What's Wrong with Regular Business Directories?

Online business directories are a great asset for businesses around the country. A single listing can increase a businesses client base, reputation and overall income level.

While these are a few benefits that businesses find when listing themselves, there are a few points to be made about how business directories may negatively affect consumers like you and I.

Problem 1 - Price

Let's start with price.

When it comes to a business listing, money rules.

Did you know that in many business directories, a business can pay to have their listing placed next to other top businesses in the industry?

While this does not apply to all business directories, it can be quite the issue for consumers in directories that do.

If a brand new plumbing service with no previous customers has the ability to place their listing next to some of the top local businesses, is that really in your best interest. Some online business directories monitor this problem, but there are plenty of business directories that allow a premium listing to trump all others, no matter how new and inexperienced a business may be.

Problem 2 - Quality

Another problem faced with traditional business directories is quality.

The fact that any business, no matter how new and inexperienced, can place a premium listing based on a payment rather than reputation, creates an obvious problem for consumers looking for quality businesses to hire.

Some of the larger online business directories allow people to rate businesses based on their reputation and performance, but many business directories lack this.

Without a way to see the quality a business offers, many consumers are looking for the right businesses to invite into their homes with a blind eye.

You never know who you may be inviting into your home.

Problem 3 - Referrals

A third problem lies in the lack of a referral system.

Because businesses can have a "premium" listing based on the amount they paid, their quality cannot be determined without referrals from clients who have personally used the business or service. This is something that many business directories lack.

Some large online business directories, like The Yellowpages, allow consumers to rate specific businesses and review their personal experience, but a problem still lies in the fact that consumers have to sort through a variety of listings to find the right business, in their local area, within a reasonable price range.

Problem 4 - Size

Some online business directories have over 65 million listings!

Don't fool yourself. This is not a good thing. Nobody wants to choose from hundreds of listings to find the one they need. Homeowners and consumers want one thing - one quality businesses that will perform with professional standards.

This can be incredibly irritating for consumers looking to hire a business. All you want is one good plumber, but you have hundreds of potential options within a 10 mile radius.

It can be hard to narrow down choices in a huge directory with 65 millions listings. Most of these directories only break down results by states and cities. This is not bad in a city with 50,000, but in a metropolitan city that houses over a million residents, this can be incredibly irritating.

What do you think so far?

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Neighborhood Business Directory - The User-Friendly Solution

The combination of these problems has caused neighborhoods and communities to look for new solutions to massive, online business directories, by setting up neighborhood and community business directories.

A neighborhood business directory is perfect for a local communities looking to hire quality businesses. Small communities can refer businesses to one another and also rate and review each business they have experience with. This solves many of the problems associated with large business directories. Consumers and homeowners can find the exact businesses they need with quality reviews and great business records.

Neighborhood business directories are nothing new?

Your own community may have a referral board at a clubhouse or the local pool, but there is a new design to neighborhood business directories in the online world.

Communities can now start their very own business directories completely free. These community business directories are are hosted free on community business directory websites. Only businesses that are referred and invited by the neighborhood or members of the community may be listed.

These new developments are perfect for communities and neighborhoods. This also gives local businesses an incentive to perform well. A good performance allows them a chance to be listed to the local community.

This system not only benefits consumers, but quality businesses as well.

Set Up Your Own Business Directory

Setting up a neighborhood business directory is simple, and it only takes a few minutes.

Once activated, your neighborhood business directory could be helping everyone in your community benefit from access to quality businesses in the area. No more searching around for a reliable doctor, plumber, electrician, or any other professional - just open up your community business directory and find quality businesses in your area. 

Don't forget... It's completely free!

Register your community business directory today.

Unique Rewards Program with e-Ferred

e-Ferred is a new neighborhood business directory that is offering some very unique benefits to community involvement.

e-Ferred has set up a rewards program for referring business, active members of the community, and even other communities to set up their own business directories. Users can also receive rewards each time they review and rate businesses. Active members earn points for each referral or review they make, which may take only a few minutes. e-Ferred allows users with referral points to exchange them for unique products.

This is a fantastic system that promotes an active community making a neighborhood business directory more effective and complete than ever.

Setting up your own neighborhood business directory is as simple as filling out a quick registration form. Be an active member of your community and get started today!

Sign up for your Neighborhood Business Directory Today


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