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Productive Procrastination Tips

Updated on July 17, 2014
It's time to procratinate.
It's time to procratinate. | Source

Are you the kind of person who likes to put off important tasks until the cows come home? Do you often delay that dreaded assignment or job task until the very last moment where it must either be completed or forgotten altogether? Well, many of us are in the same boat and there is a quick solution to the problem. It’s called productive procrastination.

Instead of actually doing what you have to do, there are several useful things you can do to “productively” put off the task that you’re delaying. This hub will outline several productive procrastination tips that you can use continuously throughout your day.

Procrastination Tips for Household Chores

Watching the paint dry is what we would call “unproductive” procrastination – unless you are thinking of an action plan for how to save humanity while you watch. But that is probably unlikely. Though, what you can certainly do that will yield results is work around the house. Household chores are a very efficient method of productive procrastination. If you have a big assignment due, but want to put it off until later, why not wash the dishes or do the laundry in the meantime?

The sky is the limit when it comes to cleaning up things around the house. You could make your bed, clean up the grim in the bathroom, fill up the dog bowl with food, wash the windows or even replace a few light bulbs. Think about the utilities and appliances around each room of your house that could use some repairs. Fixing a leaky faucet or dripping toilet is a great way to kill time efficiently as you delay the important things in your life.

Surely there is something you can do around the house that will be more productive than staring at the ceiling and thinking of what you really should be doing. If you’re going to procrastinate, why not do it constructively?

Procrastination Tips for Hobbyists

Doing one of your hobbies is another excellent form of productive procrastination. Dust off the old guitar and strum away. Plug in the electric, turn the amp on high and wake up all the neighbors. They may hate you for it, but it will be cathartic so do it.

For you writers out there, this is a great way to kill time successfully. Fire up the word processor and write a story, do a blog or make a new hub about productive procrastination to inspire other readers. If you are working on a novel or some other masterpiece, then convert this “dead time” to your own benefit. One day you may even get it published, make a million and retire somewhere in New Hampshire with your dog.

Do something creative on your iPad or computer. Get out the camera and take some photos of the garden. Cook up that new recipe you’ve been dying to try. Play the triangle if you suck at every other instrument. Put on your clown outfit and juggle some balls. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to hobbies. Think back to when you were a kid and remember what you liked doing most. This is the time to rekindle that abandoned spirit that’s been lying dormant in your head for decades.

Productive procrastination is a fantastic revolutionary technique for doing useful things as you delay your priorities in life. So don’t just sit there and think about what you have to do. Get off the sofa, follow a few of these simple procrastination tips and procrastinate productively for heaven's sake!

Video: More ways to waste time productively

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    • wiserworld profile image

      wiserworld 4 years ago

      Sure! As long as you're learning something new then it's productive and worthwhile procrastination.

    • christryon profile image

      christryon 4 years ago

      I spend too much time on social media when I want to procrastinate. Most of the time I learn something new. Would you consider that being productive?

    • wiserworld profile image

      wiserworld 5 years ago

      Yes, but I think it was somewhat productive.

    • profile image

      rere27 5 years ago

      Question. Were you procrastinating writing this hub?