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Promoting Your Online Business

Updated on February 25, 2012

Article #1 : Promoting Your Online Business

Promoting your online business could be a difficult task, especially if you have no idea where to start! So, where should you start? After completing your website and you have the business running, there are a few simple steps and ideas to follow to make your online business grow. The following paragraphs will explain steps and suggestions to promoting your online business.
Always make sure the URL to your website is on everything: letterhead, business cards, e-mail signatures; basically anywhere potential customers or visitors to your website would be likely to see it. On the same note, be sure to include your URL on any promotional give-a-ways: coffee mugs, t-shirts, or anything else you may be giving away for free! Going on the same type of idea, try to offer up a sweepstakes. Every person who registers to your website will have a chance to win a prize. This literally forces people to log onto your website! Invest in a Yellowpages ad; it will be worth your troubles. On the same note, be sure to invest in flyers or posters to put on your company cars/trucks (if you have any).
There are also ways of promoting your online business online! Invest in search engine marketing. This is a method of driving traffic to your website by paying text ad companies to show your website when people search certain keywords. If that somehow doesn't work or you are itching for more, hire a contractor to set up a targeted e-mail promotion. The audience has to be targeted for the specific products you sell, or you will marked down as spam.
If you are a skilled writer or know a skilled writer, offer another website with a high amount of traffic already free content. This means you will write content for their website in return for backlinks to your website, thus creating traffic. For both parties involved, it is a win-win.
Another excellent method of promoting your online business is to set up a weekly newsletter. This means every week you will send a newsletter to current and/or potential customers about new products, sales, and other promotional figures. This is a great way for your business to grow because people can refer the newsletter to friends or family, thus creating a chain reaction.
If all else fails, or just isn't enough traffic being driven to your site, try contacting web affiliates to boost traffic to your website. Web affiliates already have a large amount of traffic driven to their websites monthly, and will, for a sum of money, post links to your websites on their websites. Some even offer to promote your website by writing a helpful review or suggesting your products to potential customers.
These are the best ways (and most economically friendly) to promote traffic to your website. Remember: although it seems simple, promoting your online business is not an easy task and will require time, effort, and dedication.


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