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Proof That Ebay Penny Auctions Work To Increase Your Sales Dramatically: eBay Techniques.

Updated on February 4, 2016

 Leading on from my hub How to massively increase Ebay traffic and sales here's the proof of how powerful technique can be. Now there are many factors that go into a Ebay sale buT the most important is getting them in to your ebay shop and the higher the traffic the higher your sales. Good Keyword Titles can make your listing appear slightly better in the search results but when your in a crowded market it just won't be that effective. If you use my technique in the previous hub you will definately increase your traffic by 1000%+ even with a handful of penny listings. Now i'm constantly searching for ebay marketing strategies to increase my sales. On my search I came across an article that spoke about a couple that sell CD's on ebay, they're started out in 1999 using Ebay,just as an extra income source.

They only sell CD's and they only start the at a penny! That is all they do, no fixed price no, starting bids,no reserves everything Is a penny auction. Last time I looked they had 4000 listings. I watched some of their listings and some of them finished at a penny. Now they do cover the postage which is what it costs to send the item. So if it finish's at a penny they sell it for a penny. How much do you think their business is worth? Nothing? They're in debt? They have to both work so they can keep listing items for a penny? No! Their ebay business they started over 10 years ago as a kind of a hobbie now worth $1,000,000! Yes 1 million dollars. Your probably thinking what a load of rubbish. We'll believe that at your own perrell. Although some of their listings finish a penny alot of them do not. Because of the lure of winning something for a penny appeals to everyone they attract huge amounts of traffic. Once they have got someone in their shop people will naturally look at what else they could bag for a bargain. Now lets say the get 100 views on 1 listing how many people do you think are going to bid? Quite a few right and because nobody wants to lose these listings can create bidding wars resulting in profitable sales. 100 views probably very far from the truth if you think each listing will attact someone from one of their other listing, its just a humungus traffic generator! Now if they sold fixed price products alongs side there 4000 auctions even if it was maybe 10 or so products that they could stock large quantities of with say $10+ profit margins they could definately be worth alot more than their million dollar valuation. Their listings could definately be tweaked too to make even more profit but im sure they're pretty happy with what they've created.

If you want to check them out their Ebay id is "jayandmarie"

They obviously can source CD's at a very low price an in large quantities but if you applied the technique as mentioned in my previous hub, you can see the potential of what inexpensive penny auctions can do for your ebay business. If you made 100 penny auctions that made a 50p loss if sold at a penny but these auctions generated you 100 views per auction thats 10,000 view lets say 10% bought your fixed price items at a £5 profit thats £500 - the £50 potential loss = £450 profit in a week just with 100 penny actions! Your penny auctions may evan make a profit too! Have a think what 1000 auctions could do, £4500 profit, fancy some of that? This is just an example with £5 profit, which is a great resemblence to the profits you can make with dropshipping items. If your someone that stocks your own items and makes larger profits think what this could do for you. Now the auctions will take some time to get up but if you did 10 7 day auctions everyday for a month you'd have 300 auctions this would be enough to see a massive increase in sales already, but take this method to the extreme and you will be amazed.

Ebay is all about getting people in the door, once they're in keep them there and promote your other items in your visible shop catergories. Keep your aucitons out of the way of your shop catergories stick them in other.

There are plenty more easy ways to increase your eBay sales and make more money. There's also some very easy ways to make money on eBay too. Visit to find out how.


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    • JP993 profile image

      JP993 4 years ago from England

      Great badgeroo,

      Make sure your titles are as best they can be.

    • badgeroo profile image

      paul badger 4 years ago from Worcester, England

      Great hub, Might try penny auctions myself

    • JP993 profile image

      JP993 6 years ago from England

      Thank you HealthyGuy1984. If you're using eBays Omniture then you can see how much this traffic technique will bring in.

    • profile image

      HealthyGuy1984 6 years ago from Canada

      Really great points, a lot of people think penny auctions are just scams, but they're not.