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Prophecy or Greed

Updated on July 14, 2011
We owe it to ourself and our children to live on and live free.
We owe it to ourself and our children to live on and live free. | Source

Prophecy or Greed

An explosion was heard around the world yesterday from Washington D.C. America. An angry President Obama was caught leaving an extremely important meeting discussing the fate of all American’s and the continuing support of those who have paid into our Social Security System.

I hope the American people who have sunk so much hope into a man who promised so much and delivered so little has finely come to task with his actions in prime time. Let this example teach everyone and all Americans about the dangers of just accepting the golden cow on face value alone.

There are several generations of grownups still living and working everyday in this country just to make ends meet. This is an honorable trait by anyone but by age 70. We should not expect the souls and backbone of this country to have to carry our young new generation as well. Enough is enough, this will affect everyone working today and down the road so don’t accept mediocrity from the people that claim to be from your neighborhood but now hold a high office in Washington and can’t be bothered.

Once there was a time in this great country when anyone was welcome to just walk into the White House and talk to the President about a problem you may have had. Unfortunately throughout the war years things changed and politicians became more and more callus to the individual needs of Americans.

Prophecies are those claims that will happen if modern man does nothing but keep his or head in the sand rely on other people to speak for them.

Greed, on the other hand can and will happen when we have a monetary based society developed over a period of years and only increased the power structure of those who were the gate keepers of our freedom.

Our Country is just broke “not working” in order for anything that is broken down we must evaluate and repair or get in line for a lone walk back to redemption. We as responsible citizens must take control appointing those that will have our own best entrusts in trust. As long as the country is allowed to be split by those in government to satisfy the needs of the few in control then we will always be directed as cattle of the field.

Everyone has something to offer in the new party that will grow out of the chaos and temporarily fall of America, only to raise again back to the standard in which our fore fathers had first deemed necessary to sustain a free people and religion.

To my military friends serving now or have in the past, this too will pass and you will once again be on the threshold of a new discovery call America all the people. I know you have already served above and beyond the call of duty, but guys your country is grave need of leadership. One who can feel the pain of victory and the whereabouts to reinvent the freedoms that our ancestors have been enjoyed and that we may as well. May all your unborn children never know the agony of defeat either!

The next step is to gain the respect of our children some of which have been let astray in a life of crime or basic laziness and self gratification. Our world depends on every sole able to work in any way, stand up and demand a job, welfare is nothing more than dues paid to the devil that robs people of their self-esteem and honor. Helping thy fellow man is up to the generosity of everyone from the heart but only those who sincerely need


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