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Updated on March 9, 2010

A successful salesman should possess following main three types of qualities.

1. Professional qualities. 2. Specific qualities. 3. General qualities.

Some of the most important points in professional, special and general traits of goods salesman have been explained below:

Training and experience

A good salesman should be expert in his respective field. He should have knowledge about the technique of production and art of salesmanship. He must be trained in speaking regional and other languages. It is advisable for the successful result of the operation that a salesman must undergo on practical training before coming to the actual job.

Latest information

A salesman must have up-to-date information in regarded to quality, nature, description, prices and importance of the dealing products. He should also have the knowledge of potential market, organization of his firm and taste of his consumers.

Psychological approach

A salesman should be in a position to follow the psychology of human nature. He must have ability of understand his customer's choice. So he should talk in terms of the customer's interest and he must create pleasant atmosphere to achieve favorable attention and interest on the part of the prospect buyer.

Convincing style

A good salesman should adopt convincing style in order to win prospect's confidence. He must persuade his prospect that the specific product being sold will best fill that need.

Sound appearance

A salesman should have the personality of good health and sound physique. He must be stalwart young man with pleasing manners and nice habits. He must possess the abilities of influencing and attracting other persons.


It is a prominent quality of a good salesman. .In order to establish the goodwill of firm he must be honest and sincere in performing his duty. There is no place for dishonest salesman in any business.

Steady work

It is the most important trait of successful salesman that he should be industrious. He must show enthusiasm for his profession and constantly work hard to achieve more success in his field.


A salesman must be very polite. Courtesy in to business what oil is to machinery. It costs nothing but wins a reputation. So polite language should be used for the object of winning buyer's confidence. This will also help him to make regular and permanent customers. In addition to the foregoing qualities, a salesman should be sincere, self reliant, sociable, and tactful and diplomatic.


A good salesman must keep in touch with the people of different nature in the world and not keep himself to himself. He should move about with a view to widen his range of acquaintances. Salesman should therefore, possess a quality of mixing freely with unknown person within a short time. He should be sociable and popular in order to win new friends.

Self Reliance and persistence

Another notable quality of the goods salesman is ability to convince the prospective customers with persistent efforts. In order to adequately satisfy customers demand he must be a man of self reliance. He should have perseverance and determination.


The successful salesman should have the capacity of dependability. It keeps him much to win the heart of both customer and employer. A dependable salesman will remain loyal to firm. Thus he will be sincere in his approach to customer with a view to increase the volume of sales and enhances the firm’s reputation.


  • Tolerate by Nature
  • Organized
  • Flexible
  • Enthusiasm


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    • profile image

      praveen saklani 4 years ago

      thanks for add this...

    • profile image

      Muhamed Rafeeq 5 years ago

      very useful..

    • Rizwan Amjed profile image

      Rizwan Amjed 6 years ago

      Thank you All

    • profile image

      Wasim Shaikh 6 years ago

      The successful salesman should have sincere in his approach to customer with a view to increase the volume of sales and enhances the firm’s reputation.

    • profile image

      haiderchisti 6 years ago

      absolutely!dude if we r follow its.its really stable&growth

      in our life,if u become a good job in sales department.

    • profile image

      Mohseen 6 years ago

      Great job buddy really helpful for all salesmen to become successful.

    • profile image

      crnair 6 years ago

      not all can become a sucessful salesman.Some people are born like that while some trained to be

    • profile image

      usman sarfrazt 6 years ago

      Going for interview today.. let c

    • profile image

      Samiya 6 years ago

      Really true u r said!

    • profile image

      ali 6 years ago

      good job

    • profile image

      Jason Vahien-Wallace 6 years ago

      I really agree with you 100%

    • profile image

      tikendra 6 years ago

      i m totallllllllllllly satisfied with above points.

    • profile image

      sky 6 years ago

      nice points

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      hassee vijan wala 6 years ago


    • profile image

      P.JaKa 6 years ago

      Easy pickup points thanks

    • profile image

      anup khatiwada 6 years ago

      lets c above description will help me or not 4 my interview...

    • profile image

      raju 6 years ago

      nice points

    • profile image

      micky arora 6 years ago

      useful points

    • Rizwan Amjed profile image

      Rizwan Amjed 6 years ago

      Thank u all buddies !

    • profile image

      sujit Theeya 6 years ago

      Most liked point is the salesman should possess a quality of mixing freely with unknown person with a short time.

    • profile image

      sales man 6 years ago

      qualities of a good salesman

    • profile image

      mk 7 years ago


    • Rizwan Amjed profile image

      Rizwan Amjed 8 years ago

      Yeah I totally agree with you, in practical life its different from bookish but somewhere i have found from my practical life that I've used some of approaches as said in books even i didn't know their names, later on when i read those in books then i realized that i have used this one without actually knowing it

    • agvulpes profile image

      Peter 8 years ago from Australia

      Rizwan, all the above points a technically correct and can be found in any book on salesmanship. In the 'real world' you will find one of the 'golden rules' of "successful selling" is the art of selling yourself to the customer BEFORE you even start selling the product:-)