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Questions To Ask During A Job Interview

Updated on October 29, 2014

While being interviewed for a job, sometimes the employer will ask if you have any questions about the job or company. During an interview, some people may be nervous and forget to ask questions or they may not be able to think of any questions to ask. I personally think that an employer would like for you to ask questions as it would seem like you are really interested in the job.

When I would go on job interviews, every employer I interviewed with would ask if I had any questions about the job. I felt that it made me seem more professional and interested in getting the job if I asked more questions about it. So, before going on an interview, I would write down a few questions that I would want to ask and memorize them.

Maybe you would like to do some work at home or you may have small children and wish to have more flexible hours. You may be looking for work full time with overtime available, if possible. Not all of these questions will pertain to you, but you may find some helpful for learning more about the job for which you are applying.

Questions About Salary

What is the starting pay rate for this position?
♦ Are benefits available, such as medical and dental insurance?
♦ Do you offer raises based upon performance?
♦ Is there any room for advancement in this type of position?
♦ Do you offer paid holidays and vacations?

Questions About The Work Place

♦ Are there any long standing employees working here?
♦ Do the employees get along well?
♦ Do you have any other locations or will I solely be working at this location?
♦ What is the proper dress code for the position that I am applying for?

Questions About Hours

How many hours would I be working per week?
♦ Is the job from Monday to Friday or are there weekends available?
♦ Do you offer a flexible working schedule?
♦ Do you have work available that could be done at home?
♦ What is the working schedule for this position?
Are there overtime hours available?

You may want to write your questions down as you think of them and memorize them. I do not suggest pulling questions out on a sheet of paper during an interview, so it would be best to go over the questions and memorize them so that you can have questions ready to ask.


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