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Redistribution of Wealth. Questions of Validity.

Updated on January 28, 2014

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I want to set the mood for this hub. You need an open mind for this kind of information and relaxing music can really do the trick. Let the music slow down your mind, take away your worry and let this hub get past all the chatter and beliefs for just a few minutes. Then see what you really think about the subject.


The law is universal. Just ask the wise electron.

When you heat your house up, especially on a very cold day, like today, It can be quite comforting and even joyful. But it isn't easy to maintain that comfort and joy. In order to keep it nice and warm around you, on a cold day, you have to build walls around that heat. You have to protect that heat, like an asset. This is because the electron has an interesting behavior. Heat comes from the energy levels of atoms which are, for lack of a better word, regulated on the subatomic level by electrons. High energy atoms, vibrate and travel at higher speeds when they are at higher energies. This in turn gives of more heat. That is essentially what is happening on an atomic level in your living room with the wood stove on. To further this image in your mind, imagine a very hot room with a bunch of very small balloons. The hotter the balloons get, the higher they rise. They also will move faster upward. So imagine billions of these little balloons shooting around the room like the have rockets attached to them. Now imagine that I open a door and let some very cold atoms in. They are sluggish, slow moving and sinking. But then one of those fired up atoms runs right into one of those sluggish ones and bam! Almost instantly our cold and sluggish atom has been giving a boost, it is now traveling much faster. Through this process of give in take, all the atoms in this room move closer to equilibrium. They move closer to equality. This is law.

The funny thing about electrons is there nothing like you and me. If some electrons are full of energy and others are not, those electrons with higher energy give to those with less. If there are electrons around it that do not have the energy that it possesses, it shares its energy with the lacking electron until they are equal. This behavior is unalienable. You can't stop the electron from wanting to do this. You can only inhibit its influence. What remains is the desire for the electron to share...

Quantum Borrowing

Another interesting fact about electrons on the quantum level is the system of energy transfer and barrowing. If an electron is in need of energy to complete a task, it will often borrow from the universe. It will take what it needs for energy and then go about its business. Once it has completed its mission, it spends its time recouping energy to matched what it borrowed, then it gives it back to the universe. Sounds a lot like a bank loan, am I right? Except are debtors charge us ridiculous interest rates that take over our lives for decades. The universe only ask for what it originally gave out. Maybe there is something wrong with our system? As we can see it is a contradiction to natural law.


I have searched many years for "truth", and though I do not feel I have found any such thing, I think it is important to have some direction in which I take this journey of life. I say, "I don't want to know everything, I don't want closure." I just want one thing, one vector, as to which I can live my life by. One truth that is like an arrow on the road pointing in a fundamentally good direction. I searched far and wide for something I can agree as being really true. In all the years of searching I only found one fundamental tenet. That is observing and honoring universal behavior. That seems to me to be, the closest possible truth. Nature itself. It is the only thing that has always been. Before Christ, before the kings and presidents and Buddha and Krishna and Zoroaster. Nature has always been there, saying the same things. It has never taken back a statement, it has always spoken clearly. So I trust in its word. I observe its actions, and in implementing the fundamental value of these actions in my life, I honor nature. So when I feel the sweeping cold move in when I open a door, I realize that equilibrium is sought after by the universe. If I look at it from the opposite perspective, it is a warm wind sweeping into the cold. It is a mighty and powerful electron, sharing with a less fortunate one. In our world, it would be like a warm wind of resources and technology blowing into a third world country form a first world country. It would be a billionaire bringing his wealth back to the city that raised him.

This is unacceptable
This is unacceptable | Source
When this is also happening
When this is also happening | Source

I begin to wonder if people have it all wrong. I wonder if capitalism is extremely vile. That we shouldn't save any money. That we should stop building walls around our precious obsessions. Our precious money is like the heat in our living rooms that have taken us away from our natural origins. I believe in a communal based society. I believe in sharing everything. Money, food, land, information. I believe we can all live like kings and queens, but too many electrons are not sharing. Imagine if we all had access to all the information and resources of the world. Imagine how quickly science and technology would develop. Imagine how quickly resources could be relocated if we all behaved like the electron. If we ALL shared with each other ALL of the time. No one would go without. We would all be well educated, happy, healthy and wealthy. Our logistics would be incredibly efficient. Just like the electrons...

We can learn a lot from our universe, if we are brave enough to take its advice. We could all be world leaders and astronauts and skydivers and fisherman and retirees! All seven billion of us. If we could only let go of our extra energy and 'warm up' the 'cold' parts of our world. So yes, I support redistribution of wealth, and I say shame on those who don't. I believe in community. I believe in true equality. No more hierarchy. No more pyramids and pharaohs and slaves and peasants. No more working away the best years of your life to spend the last ten trying to retire on a fixed income. There is far to many riches in the world. There are far to many bank accounts filled with more money than can be spent in twenty lifetimes! It is sick. It is psychotic. It is destroying the human race. It needs to stop. We can learn much from the wise electron. We need only the courage to break away from fear and materialism.

The law is universal. Just ask the wise electron.


Do you believe we should redistribute the wealth and information on this planet to all people equally?

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    • Kemet Musiq profile image

      Mark Needham 4 years ago from Utica,Ny

      Thank you brother. That is a very noble comment.

    • Shawn McIntyre profile image

      Shawn McIntyre 4 years ago from Orlando, FL.

      While I completely disagree with you (I think that wealth redistribution is a ridiculous idea that would destroy the world economy), this was an interesting and well written Hub.