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Rant: Job Findings.

Updated on June 15, 2017

So as of April 5 2017 I have been officially out of a job and have been for several months been trying to find one, it isn't easy.

I myself have had only two jobs that lasted for more then a week or two, I do alot of temp jobs. No my two longest jobs have lasted for about six months each, give or take. I will not go down the path to try and explain why I have only a years worth of experience so calm yourself.


In the times I have been out of a job wish is the year of my eighteenth birthday and my twenty second I have put in close to two hundred applications or more. Yet out of that near two hundred applications only around ten to twenty have called me back. Fred Myers a company that says they are an equal has denied me a job at least five times, many other places do this as well. Several places I have applied for said I basically have the job but then will go and hire someone else. An example: I was brought in for an interview with a gas station and I was to work part time. They said all I needed was to confirm my information on an e-mail and I could begin working but when I got the email it said I was not needed.

So why say that I am hired then?

A few places I had applied for recently I asked to talk to their hiring managers but funny enough they were never there when I called,so I left my name and number there so I could have them call me. I kept calling to check up on my application but they said the position isn't filled yet, then when I call them again apparently it is filled.

Maybe it is just me but I feel as if these places don't want to hire me but they don't want to hurt my feelings. A Gamestop down in Longview Texas was hiring and I went in and turned in an application, I called a few times to check up on it but they kept telling me that they were not hiring. That is until my aunt asked them and they said that they were.

The funny thing is was that they lied straight to my face, it was annoying.

The thing that irks me is that I am in my young adult hood and have no job even though I have tried many places in order to get one.I have been declined, forgotten or all of the above. I hear a saying alot that they are looking for someone more suited for the job. Walmart has denied me several times yet has hired thieves, liars, rude employees and what have you. I have even gone to a restaurant and politely asked if they could fix my order only to get glared at like I just flipped them off, stared at me for a full two minutes before just rudely saying "Just give them this." and tossed me something that wasn't even part of what I ordered.

The fact that many places will pass me over saying I need more experience even though no one will give me any experience is ridiculous and doesn't help me at all.

The fact that I will get passed over for someone who has maybe a few weeks more experience then me but is rude as hell confuses me, it is like are you trying to fail?

So here I am sitting in my room trying to call back the people I have already sent in applications into and trying to send new ones in as well and feeling stupid. I am sure there are places like JobCore and what have you but I do not feel like going to another state or away from home to get skills that I can learn on the job site, yes I have heard that they also help you find a job but so does the temp agencies and websites with job postings. It is just the matter that only some places, very out of the way places will hire me. It is strange that I put in so much effort just to be pushed aside for someone else.

Anyways that is the end of my rant.


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