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Updated on October 24, 2017
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Freelance Writer and blogger "This is no art, we all can taste life as it is, once we stop judging and start accepting."

Cryptocurrency is a modern means of money exchange online. The usage of cryptography brought into development and converted into secure transactions of money is the latest trend set up since 2009. So, cryptocurrency can be described as a medium of safe transactions using cryptography by the creation of additional units. What actually happens in a crypt currency is that you don’t have to visit a bank and do not have to submit your identification in order to pay or receive money in the form of cryptocurrency. It is a decentralized technology. One of the winner coins in this business is Rate coin (XRA). It is a win-win for minters.

What is Ratecoin?

Ratecoin (XRA) is designed for long-term oriented minters. During money transactions blockchain are created; Ratecoin (XRA) uses proof of the stakes to secure that blockchain. This cryptocurrency is made and functions such that it has a long-term sustainability. Now, what is a cryptocurrency without stake rewards? A simple review of the stake rewards of these coins encourages holdings and minter holding the currency to the extent that boosts the business (

It holds long-term scale as it has a very less timing of block target. A block target involves the creation of a block. Creation of blocks gives rise to nodes which must be scanned. Scanning a node is mandatory and beneficial because after scanning, the downloading of the blocks becomes easy. Peel corn had ten minutes of block target, Novecoin has 7.5 minutes and rate coin (XRA) has three minutes of block target. This means that it will add 480 blocks per day to the chain, and eventually, these blocks will turn out to be 175,200 for the complete year. This will create more and more nodes that can be scanned. There are some nodes that create a problem by consuming three days of time to get scanned, but Ratecoin (XRA) is designed to avoid the nods that take a large amount of time to scan and improves implementation, scaling the coin over a larger period of time.

Stats related to Ratecoin

Talking about the market, Ratecoin (XRA) is ranked at the 671st position and with a market value of $174.21 k USD. It has a volume of $7 USD and a high circulatory supply of 112,149,733( The reward system of Ratecoin is very high. The rates are set at the age of input. It is 0.25% for the very first day and as the days move further and doubles the stake rates increase by 1.5 times. After 256 days the stake rates reach up to 25.62%, which is a very generous rate.

So, cryptocurrency is a decentralized technology which runs on the public ledger and is mined by miners who run crunch transactions. Ratecoin (XRA) generates an upward pressure of exchange rate between various different currencies like XRA and BTC. So, with all these shining features and convenient layout, there is no doubt that Ratecoin (XRA) is the near approaching star in cryptocurrency industry.

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