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Reasons You Should Avoid Long Domain Names for Your Websites

Updated on March 11, 2015

Websites, an Integral Part of Contemporary Business
In the current scenario, it has become a much difficult task for any type of business or organization to thrive without a website. If your business do not have an online presence, then it is sure to be a failure and such is the influence of internet and users who rely on the internet. These days people search for everything on the internet and if you are not having a website, then your potential users or customers might not be able to find your website. This will really create a huge issue for your business in the long run and by the time that you realize, it will be too late. So the major pillar of success for any business is a well planned and designed website which can project and convey the services and products offered by your business.

The most basic thing for having a website is to obtain a suitable and relevant domain name suited for your business. The domain name of the website is the web address that we type on the browsers to visit any website. You can choose any name for a domain name and in the case of companies and organization, they will choose a domain name that is related to the name, brand and services of their company. The website domain name and branding of a company is very much related and hence majority of the businesses have their brand name as a whole or part of their website domain name.

There are a lot of mistakes committed by different companies while choosing a domain name for their business website and one of the most common mistake is the creation of long or lengthy domain names, which are difficult to be remembered even by the business owner. There are a lot of business website that have a long domain name and overall the address looks weird and at times people really finds it difficult to type on the browser.

If you are going to register a domain name for your business, then here are some reasons why you should avoid selecting a lengthy or long name for your website.

1) Less Attractive
One of the most important things that come to mind while going for a domain name is its length and its name. If you are having a domain name that is too lengthy, then it will ultimately look ugly and less attractive for the customers. They would hesitate to save or remember your business website domain name if it is too long or complicated. Instead if your domain name is small and easy to remember, they will surely store it in their mind and type the name in a web browser whenever needed. So keep in mind that having a lengthy domain name can really make it look less attractive and will not do anything good for your business in the long run.

2) Least Professional
As mentioned in the above point, going for a lengthy domain name will always look less attractive and from a branding perspective, it is always a negative factor. It is always an un-professional way if you go with a long domain name that is difficult to remember and understand. Remember that short domain names always stays in the mind of the visitors and you will also improve the chances of getting more visitors and traffic to your visitors if your domain is short.

3) Difficult to type or write
Having a long domain name will make it difficult for the users to type or write. This is not just the case with domain names and it applies for any type of names. A long name for any purpose will make things worse and errors starts to creep while typing or writing down the names. So if you want to avoid the mistakes while typing or writing down the domain name, then it is highly recommended to make it short and easy to write and type. These days nobody likes to type long domain names in the browsers and even nobody have the patience to do so. So always make your domain name short, simple and easy to remember.

4) More errors while typing on the browsers
We all are prone towards committing errors while typing on the computers and if we are typing a lengthy domain name on the browsers, there will be higher chances of typing it wrong. The higher the probability of creating errors while typing the URLs, the more will be the chances of losing a potential visitor to your website. After typing the wrong domain name consecutively for a couple of times, the users naturally give up and would not dare to come back again to visit the site. This is actually a huge loss for your website and its overall branding. Losing visitors for the sake of typing wrong domain names will be a painful affair and if you had a shorter domain name, then the chances of typing the wrong name will be minimal and you will not face the issue of losing potential visitors. So always keep your domain URL name short, clear and specific.

5) More failed email messages or email bounce rates
If you have a website, then you will certainly be having your domain based email ids. For example, if your website is, then might be having domain based email ids such as,, etc. So if somebody is typing the email id for sending a mail, he will really find it difficult if your domain name is long. As mentioned in the above point, the user might also end up in an increased level of typo errors for the domain name and as a result a mail send to your domain based email id will not reach the desired inbox and would rather bounce back. This will also deprive you from getting potential emails from your fans or clients, and this will be a major setback to your business in the long run. On the other hand, if your domain name was short, the users will not end up typing wrong domain names frequently and you will not miss out on potential emails to your inbox.

6) Bad for Branding
Have you ever seen a big brand name having a long domain names or email ids. Most of the time, your answer will be "no" as majority of the major brands often have a short domain name as well as a short email ids. This is made particularly so as to make sure that the customers do not forget the domain name and also do not end up typing the wrong domain names. The brand and domain names are kept as short as possible so that people can easily remember and type it out on the browser without creating any errors. This will make sure that most of the potential traffic to the website are not missed out regularly. You can really improve your branding with a short, clear and specific domain name which will be easier for your customers to remember and type.

The above points are not the ultimate ones, but are just some of the most common reasons for not choosing a long website name and hope that it proves beneficial for all those who are planning to register a new website address for their business. Remember that, in the present situation everybody wants to do things fast and would not love to see a long domain name that is to be typed onto a browser to visit a particular website. So always go ahead with a short, clean and relevant domain name that can take your business branding to the next level.

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