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Reasons to use a sample resignation letter when quitting your job

Updated on May 30, 2014

There are several good reasons for using a sample resignation letter if you are quitting your job and these are listed below. Perhaps the most important reason though is because it is always good practice to quit a job on the best possible terms and without criticizing your employer as you may need them in future for references or possibly even return to work for them.

Your new employer will carry out certain background checks on you which will include contacting your previous employer to confirm that you worked there and the reasons you left.

Legal obligation

When quitting a job it is compulsory to hand in notice by letter so the employers have a record that you are terminating your employment contract and this is generally classed as a legal document, to cover any potential future claims for unfair dismissal.

If, for example, your new job did not work out and you wanted to return to your old employment you would probably need to go through the standard recruitment process but certainly there would be no compulsion upon your ex employer to take you back into the work force.

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Reasons to use sample resignation letters

Your resignation letter is your formal notice of intention to quit work. Sending a tactful and diplomatic resignation letter to your employers signifies your professionalism.

The factors leading up your resignation are of no consequence and should not be highlighted in resignation letters. Ultimately, the letter sent will probably be one of the last pieces of correspondence on your HR file, so a great letter is likely to increase chances that your former employer responds in a positive fashion when receiving reference requests.

Sample resignation letters

Standard sample resignation letters offer great templates for your notice letter. They can be downloaded from the internet and wording or formats can be changed at your discretion.

The benefit to using a preformatted sample resignation letter is that it will contain wording that you might not possibly consider using yourself and which may be written in very diplomatic terms.

The examples of sample resignation letter that can be found on the internet include letters covering a number of extraordinary circumstances. For example, employees wishing to work shorter notice periods, or even quit immediately without working a notice period, will find sample letters with appropriate language. Employees wanting to leave work due to ill health or perhaps go on to college will also find the wording of some of these sample letters extremely useful when attempting to negotiate terms of resignation with their employer. These approved sample resignation are very diplomatic yet make straightforward requests which employers need to address.


In conclusion, using sample resignation letters to quit a job is advisable to avoid misunderstandings as the wording in these documents is diplomatic and transparent.

The sample letters linked here cover a number of different reasons for quitting jobs, so it is possible to download a letter which will be relevant to your own particular circumstances.

Ultimately any work history you have will possibly be checked by future employers so it is in your best interests to ensure a smooth resignation process, when possible.


© 2014 Dawn Denmar


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