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Recruit the best Talent in 2017

Updated on November 15, 2017

We have entered 2017 and recruitment experts have made their predictions that digital recruitment is the call of the day. Most companies have either revamped or are on the verge of restructuring their recruitment marketing efforts. The landscape is changing fast so it is important for them to adapt to the trends and examine future strategies while planning for the big changes that are on their way.

It is the time to stop guessing but using your resources. There are several metric tools to measure everything from expenses, hires, quality and everything that lies in between. These tools will give you a look at the recruiting efforts, so stop estimating the numbers and stressing out.


Be transparent with your candidates, it might not be a big deal for the recruiters but for potential employees, it can be a deal breaker. This is because they want to know how it would be to work for you so it is good not to hide or mould any statements.

Never Leave out your Employees

Do you have a team of great employees working for you? If yes, do not ever hide them from the world. Appreciate them for their inputs and be grateful for the work they do. This will give an idea what type of people excel in your team and gives an honest view of the company.

Video Interviews

Video interviews have caught a rage in the last few years. This not only helps your employers to brand when looking for new candidates but it can make it easier to contrast between the employees. You can record the interview and replay it to decide if a particular candidate is a fit. Now over 65% of employers have used or are using video interviewing as a means of hiring the candidates, it is the time to be a part of this trend.


Hiring can be a tiring process, searching for candidates, calling them, coordination all can be hectic. But then, there are tools and resources that can help. Consider outsourcing if there is a lot of hiring going on.

Mobile Recruiting

Mobile recruitments are on the rise these days and hiring apps are a great way to get involved. 50% of the job seekers state they use mobile devices to search for the job at least once a day. Create a presence on the apps they are using and asking employees/ candidates to review the company on the basis of current facilities and interviews and benefits being offered on sites such as Glassdoor and Mouthshut is a great way to start.


Feedback is important when it comes to employee performances or appraisals, but it is equally important when it comes to knowing the candidate’s experience. It is good to take their stance how did the interview process go for them and what suggestions they have to make. Questions such as communication, active response and Job duties and interview questions can help a great deal in improving the future hiring process.

Visual Image/ Brand

Blogs and articles are fine, but nothing can compare to the design and imagery. It is the time to create attention-grabbing images, videos, and GIFs. It will also show your company culture and find the best candidate.

Stay ahead with the latest recruiting trends, implementing above stated tactics is a great way to find the best employees. So, what else are you waiting for? Recruit.

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