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Recruitment Secret - Your Recruiter May Not Be The Main Recruiter

Updated on October 18, 2010

In the world of outsourcing and win-win relationships this isn't wrong in anyway.

Some of the big recruiters, send out positions to the specialists (read niche) and the specialists do not need to work at getting new clients or worry about fees etc.

It works for the recruiters, but what about you?

Here's why its not good for you:

1. The more number of joints in the information pipeline, the more disjointed the whole process.
was the resume sent or not?
was it received by the main recruiter or not?
was it added to the client dossier?

2. the main recruiter has "his own" candidates in the fray.
within the recruitment industry, the terms between recruiters are fairly equitable.
most of the big guys will share up to 50% of the fee on offer with the small guy.

but, sometimes the main recruiter has "his own" candidates for the position and is only using the secondary recruiters candidates as a pipeline, a just-in-case if you will.
If the company hires from within the first pool, then the entire fee is for the main recruiter.
if the company does not like what is in the first pool, the main recruiter saves face and the client by offering the secondary pool and still getting some fee.

3. You are now a small (maybe niche) recruiter's candidate.
as I mentioned in You Are Not Important to the Recruiter the main recruiter relationship with the niche recruiter (or the company) is far more important than you or a onetime fee. Most of the big boys will not put forward someone else's candidate as their own and most small ones' keep a track of their candidates.
since you were brought to the table by the small guy, you will remain the small guy's property, at least for sometime.

4. To protect their fee, the small one's will change some details on your resume.
your contact details in particular.
they will either list their own office number or the number of a recruiter from the team and more often than not list a generic email ID or create one for you on their servers, but will take out your direct contact details.
This is ridiculous in today's day and age where you could just Google the candidate and get the cell number, but these recruiters can do only so much to protect their fees and this is one of that.
your resume now will float around with those 'new details' and with all things electronic, its going to live out there forever.

5. Another secret is working against you
In Candidates Pay Recruiters, I spoke about the need for the not so great and the freshers to sometimes pay the recruiter.
if you are paying or have agreed to pay for the recruiting services, you have agreed to pay the small guy and not the big guy.
this may work against you.
other candidates paying the main recruiter will be sent higher up the order so to speak.

What can you do about it?

1. Where you do not know, you cannot do much
If the small (niche) recruiter has plucked your resume from a job site or a residual database, and sent it to the bigger recruiter you cannot do much. Accept it.

2. If you are about to sign up with a recruiter, research them
spend some time asking what positions, companies have they recruited for.
ask them 'if they tie-up or partner' with other recruiters/companies.
ask them if they will change your contact number or email on the resume.
once you know who you are dealing with, only then sign up.

3. Be honest
if a recruiter has approached you for a job position and you have given them the go-ahead to take talks further, tell every other recruiter for the same position that you have already been approached and are working with someone else. you may choose to give details if you like, but for what its worth, do not ask another recruiter to represent you for the same position.
sooner or later both will find out, fight a little or you and probably drop you from their roster.

4. Be loyal
your recruiter takes a big gamble and sends you to the main recruiters screening offices. now you know the truth you think and now that you know you decide maybe you should approach the main guys directly.
I would advice against it. I am not saying this coz I am a niche recruiter to some ( I am also the main recruiter for some) but because as detailed in point 3 above the main recruiter and your niche recruiter work on multiple projects and have a good strong relationship. you will only be jeopardizing your own chances by trying to jump ship.
be loyal, stick to your recruiter and he/she will ensure your career is a success! his/her career depends on it!


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    • prabhjotbedi profile image

      Prabhjot Bedi 7 years ago from chandigarh

      @ankigarg - thank you

    • profile image

      ankigarg87 7 years ago

      awesome hub !